Bulk actions in Conversations Inbox


When using the Inbox feature, each item must be opened individually. Multiple selections and batch actions are not available (example for closing batch emails or assigning in bulk) 


The individual action only results is an extremely tedious and time consuming and inefficient process for managing messages through hubspot. 

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@cambria If this soltion is now live, please can you advise how it is done? Thanks. 


Hi - is there an update for the ability to bulk delete conversations? We have over 7K emails in our junk folder (mostly Out of Office automatic replies) and we can only delete 100 at a time. Thanks


This is a crazy feature. Who has the time to delete emails one by one in the inbox, then delete emails one by one in the "filtered section / spam), then AGAIN delete them one by one in the trash.

I say one by one but Hubspot's code is buggy and erratic. Sometimes you can select 100 emails, sometimes none. And you have to REFRESH manually. Really?

I had to turn off my email connection, it just does not work for me, And, given the number of comments above, it does not seem to work for others either.

Got to find another solution outside Hubspot. 😞


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We run an extremely busy inbox which is shared between a team of staff. 

We each take responsibility for the inbox at different times and waste a lot of time having to reassign conversations to another member of staff. 

We really need the option to bulk re-assign conversations to ensure we are working effectively and respond to our customers in a timely manner.

When will we have this function available? 🙏


I have 10k messages in my spam folder and I would like to delete them all. I can only delete 100 at a time and it would take all day.