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Bulk actions in Conversations Inbox

When using the Inbox feature, each item must be opened individually. Multiple selections and batch actions are not available (example for closing batch emails or assigning in bulk) 


The individual action only results is an extremely tedious and time consuming and inefficient process for managing messages through hubspot. 

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Ditto on the frustration, it was communicated around the time of our renewal this was weeks away and it was a key reason we renewed vs other options.


Agreed, this is something infusionsoft was able to do for us and I would hope for the same out of an overarchingly more user friendly system


this in itself is making me quit using hubspot. all other features are so professional, but this is so tedious and energy sucking it renders the entire hubspot useless.


good luck.


yes I need this too.

HubSpot Product Team

Happy to announce that this is now in beta! Please fill out this form if you'd like early access.




And it just took you guys over a year and many people hating hubspot + a tweet to the CEO. 

Happy after all that you accellerated this bugfix in the end. Hoping to see it released soon.


Thank you from my side too (:


Well said @robinco. If I knew a Tweet to the CEO would have got this in beta right away, we would have done this a lot earlier! 


None the less, happy it's finally in the works 🙂 


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Community Manager
Hi everyone, 
My name is Jenny and I am a member of our Community team. I wanted to reach out regarding the update to this idea being marked as in beta. Thank you to everyone who has upvoted this idea, shared your use cases, and added your thoughts and opinions over the past several months.
Before diving in, I want to apologize again for the lack of response from HubSpot on this thread. We can, and will, do better about holding ourselves accountable going forward for sharing updates (when available and appropriate). 
I did want to remind everyone that while we do our best to update idea threads as information is available, much more goes into a product launch than changing the status of an idea. While no news (or updates as the case may be) may seem discouraging, no news can be good news, as is the case with this feature request. This update has been in the works for a significant amount of time, and while this thread did not receive proper status updating until recently, the decision to implement this change came from your product related feedback and upvotes on this thread over the past several months. 
The ideas forum is one of many channels through which we receive feedback at HubSpot in conjunction with a number of other sources, including "dogfooding" our own product, user testing and in app-feedback. As you can imagine, the amount of feedback we get across all feedback channels is massive, so while ideas are very important, they are not the only data we consider when prioritizing features.
Please know that we are here and are listening in the ideas forum, and most importantly we would like to say thank you for your feedback and patience with this feature. We look forward to rolling it out to you all! 
If you want to sign up for the beta, please fill out this form.

Hi @jennysowyrda,

I filled in the form but never got any access to the feature...

Can you please provide it ?

Tks a lot !

HubSpot Product Team

Excited to announce that bulk actions is now live! It's been a long road of development and I just want to thank you again for all your feedback and patience with this feature. Hope you're finding it useful!!


@cambria  That is great news. Thank you! 


So.... great, but.... you can only close or delete in bulk? 



HubSpot Product Team

Hi Peter! At the moment, you can only perform bulk close, delete, and restore actions, but we're planning on adding more actions over time like bulk assignment.


What other bulk actions are you looking for? Would love to hear more so we can incorporate into future iterations of this feature!


Hi @cambria So filtering conversations is a little better now, but the date filter is crazy, and the bulk options are sparse.


Can you just change that filter to manually entering the date range and/or setting an older than x days or newer than x days. This is crucial beacuase we want to delete messages older than x days. 


and in your filter can you add a search for a contact (perhaps by email address / email domain).


In terms of bulk changes the most imortant are; bulk delete, open, close, assign, move (e.g to spam). 


Bulk assign to an assignee.


Also, the Knowledge Base regarding Inbox Settings is out of date.


This is such a bug bear of ours as it is a massive waste of time, which is not great when you have a small team and you're trying to be as efficient as possible! You can already bulk select and mark as spam, so why not be able to bulk select and assign?!


It's absolutely nonsense and unprofessional to have no mass selection tool by using filtration field to arrange unwanted email incoming day by day (like unuseful Linkedin or fb or tw notifications) — to delete them at one step, at single action.


I just want to 

1. filter by '' as I can do that in Gmail UI — looks and works professional


2. tap `Select all`

3. see how much 

4. make an action 'Delete'





It's crazy, in the GDPR era, not to have a simple way of bulk-deleting emails. I have several thousand I need to get rid of, and the option is either to ditch Hubspot and delete the account or wait for the Hubspot team to understand that this has to be a key priority.


I wonder what comes first...?


I add my voice to this issue. The system is very cumbersome for this issue.