Bulk Upload for Instagram

Right now Hubspot has enabled users to bulk upload to all social media platforms except for Instagram. 


We are a marketing company, and we are posting to Instagram on a regular basis. It would be great if we could upload all of our social media posts in advance for the top 3 social media sites (FB, IG, Twitter) instead of having to go back and add individual posts for IG. 


It would really make HubSpot even more usefule to our company.

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We are currently using https://later.com/ to do our bulk uploading to Instagram but if we could get the same functionaity inside of HubSpot we'd move over in a heartbeat.

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Adding to this thread - it would be nice to be able to use the same spreadsheet I use for Google+, FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn to bulk schedule Instagram posts as well. Is there any progress? 

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Absolutely agree @MediaTeenCamp. I have been using Later and am a HubSpot newby.  I feel like I have stepped back in time with HubSpot  Social bulk posting option and am dissapointed I may still be flicking between applications.  I was sold on the "all in one" application from Hubspot but the usability of bulk Social posting really dosent cut it compared to other options.  


I really hope HubSpot are going to address this area. 


Now the question is, do I continue to use Later or battle through posting to Insta 1 by 1 so as to track through HubSpot??  Advice welcomed. 



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This is an extreme pain point for us when moving into HubSpot from Loomly - we are wasting a lot of time manually entering posts. Why is it a feature for other sm platforms but not Instagram? Would that feature not be created at the same time?

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Same wish here, bulk uploading to Instagram would be very helpful!