Bulk Upload Tracking URLs


Hi all,


The idea: To be able to bulk upload/import UTM tracking URLs (and potentially have a template sheet, like with contact/company imports)


Who for: This is for those who work in big portals, using URLs across many sources/mediums and making use of many keywords/ads/content in order to track where contacts are coming from better/easier.


Value: To make creating many URLs faster and easier, rather than creating a URL one at a time.


I just had a chat with the HubSpot support team and they specifically said that in order for HubSpot to track where a contact has come from - the URL has to exist the URL Tracking Builder tool. Doing this one at a time seems very laborious when working in several portals who work with global teams and across many different online channels.


Please can you create a bulk-upload option for URL tracking?




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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Nov 11, 2020

We will revisit this in 2021. Thank you all for the feedback.

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We really need this! is a nightmare every time I have a new campaign and have to do this manually 


We use an intelligent Excel to build the tracking codes. It would be a great help to be able the url in bulk and not to do it just one after the other. It could also be an idea to bulk upload the list with the details and produce the url's in Hubspot. Thank's in advance.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

We will revisit this in 2021. Thank you all for the feedback.


Please add this!!!


Really, really need the ability to bulk upload tracking URLS that were built in an excel spreadsheet using a formula. Not having this feature is making adopting tracking URLs a giant pain across the board.

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Large marketing teams, enterprise accounts that depoly global campaigns and teams with integrated campaigns that use multiple touch points require a solution where they can upload bulk UTm tags without having to manually add this one-by-one.

This feature would enable teams with a global deployment a far more advanced solution that would make it easier for a global deployment of a campaign.

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This would be incredibly helpful. Please add it to the list!


This would really save a lot of time.

Filling out that form again and again is a pain.






I could use this feature for running referral campaigns to companies/users as well.  Please add.