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Bulk Ticket Merge

We would really like to have the ability to bulk merge Tickets (although this may be helpful for Contacts and Organizations too)


We often have people who bombard us whenever they have an issue being resolved. This means that they may submit a ticket form, send our support an email (to multiple agents) and also call us making sure we got all their other messages. Yes - it is quite annoying. lol


The issue is through all this process it could have created 4-5 tickets that are the same. We would love to be able to bulk select tickets (in the table view) and have the option to merge them. 


Right now we have to do so by clicking into each ticket which can be frustrating. 


Here is a poor mockup of what I would like it to look like:


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Essa função de unir (merge) precisamos com urgência.

Hoje conseguimos unir 2 tickets por vez.. mas o que precisamos é a possibilidade de unir diversos tickes de forma simples.

O mais antigo pode ser o principal e os demais se tranformar em partes da coversa.


This is needed really badly.  It is such a pain to merge tickets.  YOu have to first try and locate the original ticket, like finding a needle in a haystack, and then merge starting from the original ticket only.  otherwise, the new one takes over the original one.  This idea would solve this.  This is offered in every helpdesk such as Freshdesk, Zendesk and every other solution I am sure.   The way it is described above would be perfect.  My only other suggestion is to allow the user to select all tickets to be merged and choose the primary ticket.   Right now my service team spends most of their day merging tickets.  or even worse, not merging them and creating separate ones for each new message.  sometimes there will be 10 or 15 different 3rd parties involved in a ticket and each one sending emails that create new tickets!!!!!


Yes we need this badly too, and is there a way to automatically merge new/open tickets from the same contact


Nicely stated. What service desk doesn't have multiple tickets related to the same customer/same issue? A bulk merge is sorely needed. Thanks.


I agree, we need this badly too! This would be a basic function!


We really need bulk merging. We have always multiple tickets from same contact for the same issue and we always mergnig one by one.


We merge tickets as our main task in the morning! 😎 (Instead of serving our customers.)


Adding to this list of replies. We would love a solution like this. 
Make it happen Hubspot!


The process to merge tickets, as the possibility to multi-merge, should be way easier than the actual one.


On the picture below, a good way to do it would be for example to tick the ticket "test 2" and "test 1" and then to decide which one to keep as parent ticket


image (31).png


This seems like a no-brainer to implement. All other platforms have this feature.


This is a must with tickets for the reasons listed above! 


Thi sis definitely a big deal for our organization.  Please make this happen.


Having come off FreshDesk / Freshworks into Hubspot - the lack of ticket merging in Hubspot Service Pro is a problem.  This should be a priority if Hubspot wishes to be a serious contender in service. The mockup shown above is quite good.


Adding my team's vote for this feature as well. 


Any progress on this?  Has anyone come up with another way to do this through a third-party app or something?


Yes, Merging in Bulk is absolutely needed!! My addition to the request is to allow a MERGE option to be added to the top red outlined box below so that you can select the tickets to Merge (second red outlined box below) and then select which one should be the Primary ticket.




Merging in bulk extremely important. We generally like hubspot a lot but because we cannot bulk merge we may be forced to use something else ☹️


Echo this thread 

Very basic feature in a customer service platform.  Right now our customers get a really bad experience as we can't avoid (in practice) several agents answering the same customer. 


Giving this a bump as we just migrated to HubSpot for our customer service ticketing. We have clients that send in tickets rapid-fire, and the need to merge multiple tickets is valuable.  The current merger process is totally unusable, as you have to know the name of the other ticket to be able to merge the records. At least put a filter to only show tickets that match the record we are on. 



Merging tickets individually is step heavy and not intuitive. Once you are on the primary ticket to merge with, you are unable to drag the pop-up so it is transparent in the event you are unsure of the ticket name you're going to combine with. If we could use the ticket list view and use the checkbox to merge multiple tickets at list view that would be much more efficient.