Bulk Replace Images in File Manager

As users of HUBSPOT for Marketing, Sales and now Service, we are very concerned about the way that email attachments load into file manager.  They are not organized in any way.  This is concerning as well because ANYONE who uses hubspot who clicks on add an image to something - such as a social media post - sees every single image that was recently added.  


IN OUR OPINION, THIS IS DANGEROUS!  Service is related to specific clients - not a public community as a whole. 


Therefore, it is strongly suggested that users using HUBSPOT as Service Team Users have all images loaded into their own folder


that email attachments should be set up in their own folder and segregated from other images...


We can NOT attach screenshots as they are private client materials but we can show you what shows up in previews via a screenshare.  


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Mar 25, 2020

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Great idea and solve security of images concern

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Great idea!

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Agreed -- for some industries, this also may be in violation of regulations, so I hope HubSpot can expedite this urgent matter 

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