Bulk Manage CRM Attachments on Company and Contact Records


We have prospects, customers, and partners who have many attachments/ documents associated with the accounts. Annual Maintenance agreements, Partnership Agreements, POs, Quotes, Presentations...etc. Hubspot CRM currently only allows you to manage attachements on an individual basis, and you have to load attachments into the GUI in smaller groups. This can make attachment management and location very time consuming. It would be great to have an attachment screen with bulk selection for management/ deletion/ download/ upload...etc.

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I agree with this idea.  I have worked at several organizations where this type of feature would be excellent; ie when new policies are out; when applications need to be uploaded to records (ie membership organization).  Very timeconsuming to do it as an individual upload.


Great idea. I have the same problem. We're migrating 1000's of contacts from an old CRM that have many attachments associated with them. I'm surprised you can migrate documents as this must be a barrier for anyone moving over to HubSpot. 


Ich hab ein ähnliches Problem:


Ich würde gern in einem Datensatz (Ticket) alle Anhänge gesammelt downloaden und nicht jeden Anhang einzeln downloaden.


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Similar situation: migration from previous CRM with file attachments being critical to the business. There's no development scope to write an API connection to do this, but manual imports don't allow for attachments. I get the complexity in creating something that lets you map the files to the right Hubspot Object, but the feature would be really helpful for migrations.


Completely agree that this is needed, we also have the same issue with not being able to select multiple files when searching for individual companies. It currently lets me click one company, but as soon as I search for another company, it unticks the company I had selected, which defeats the object of making life easier and reducing the search time.  


In short - In the marketing - files section - Search for a company, tick the company, search for another company, tick the company etc, they all stay selected which means I can then export all ticked files attached to those companies.


While I don't need this feature myself right now, I can see how it will be useful when I do. I also just ran into another user on the Community who needs this.