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Bulk Enroll More Than 50 Contacts in Sequences

I would like to ability to bulk enroll all 1,000 contacts in a sequence at once (or at least more than 50).  

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Hey Marie!


I completely agree with you here, this is something that other HubSpot users have requested quite a bit, we did just release the option to enroll 50 contacts at a time to a sequence as per this article: Enable mass enrollment in sequences 


We do have to put a limit here on how many contacts can be enrolled in sequences at one time as you are limited on your daily email send limit by both HubSpot and your email provider as per here: HubSpot Send limits So this is understandable as if we were to allow the enrollment of1000 contacts plus here your full email sending limit would be met by your email provider (depending what your client is) and if you were able to do this multiple times it would cause a backlog of emails scheduled to go out and would not allow for the sending of sales e-mails through the CRM.


Absolutely - i use the mass enroll up to 50 all the time now! The tricky part here, is i have to select all to 50 contacts, enroll, then select all to my next page of 50 contacts, and so on, until I exhaust my list for the day. Totally understand putting a limit, but if the limit is 1,000, then i'd love the functionality to go ahead and enroll all 1,000! 


Hi, 50 limit is too low. Atleast you can give upto 300 to 500 so at one sequence we can trigger one or two set of our list.


Increasing limit will be very usefull for us.


This definitely needs to become an option!


Agree with all comments. Increasing the limit to 100-200 contacts would significantly improve our sales team's efficiency. 


Yes. For effiency an increased limit is needed.  For an account manager with 100 accounts with an average of 2 contact per account its obvious.


Agreed, this is the most frustrating thing ever! Why allow for up to 500 emails to be sent per day but only 50 contacts to be enrolled. The way my team is using this is that we only have a small number of sequences running but we want each SDR to be able to send hundreds of emails per week. Why can't they just enroll all 500 at once? It feels like you're making it harder for no reason. I'm a major fan of all hubspot tools (CMS, marketing, etc.) but your sales automation is so weak! 


I will have to use another provider


Bulk enroll 50 for a sequence is just too low. We need a much larger figure to increase the efficiency of the bulk enroll feature.


Our team is also struggling with only being able to enroll 50 at a time. If you bump it to at least 200 - 300 at a time, that would be nice. 


Bumping the limit of 50 to a few hundred would certainly be more efficient and streamline our processes, as well.


ditto. would be amazing to be able to enroll more than 50 people at a time.


Our sales team has been requesting to enroll more than 50 contacts in a sequence, as well. A few hundred would be sufficient for us. 


This limitation is insane. We need an automated way to be able to bulk enroll large lists of contacts into a sequence, even if it is throttled. For example, whether you would do it from a list directly or set up a workflow to enroll a list, it should be able to automatically parse that list down to whatever number the daily limit is and work through it automatically. As mentioned elsewhere, we need to be able to run sequences on behalf of another person. My CEO keeps using Mailshake instead of Hubspot to work around these limitations, but it creates a lot of other issues for us and I want to get him into Hubspot.




Agreed - this was brought up 3 years ago, and still nothing. This is the most frustrating thing ever.


A workaround for this would be to create a workflow that would enroll the members of the pre-created list into a sequence. 


I'd like to add my support to this request too.


We often will want to communicate with a large number of users with the follow up capabilities of a sequence, and so would like the ability to enroll any number of people to a sequence and allow the system to drip feed them into the process.


Like others have mentioned, we use Mailshake / Woodpecker / others to do this outside of Hubspot and they allow bulk enrollement which run through x emails per day as configured.


I agree as well!


Surprised there isn't more clamor for this enhancement. I get not allowing unlimited, but 50 is just too low.