Bulk Editing Image alt Tags


It would be really great if we could make a bulk edit to images. For example being able to see what images do and dont have ALT tags already. And see what the ones that do have tags say. Sometimes the tag is just the imge name.If there is a way to make bulk changes to those types of thing it wuld be extremely helpful.

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I totally agree, it would save a lot of time, specially when as an agency we manage dozens of blogs!


Absolutely upvote this. Anything to do with the ability to essentially Filter "What SEO Stuff Is Missing?" and get the same result as a Contact List with a Filter. That would be the ideal level.

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This should be implemented at the time of file upload and be part of the properties of the image.  A picture of "Man and Boy Fishing" will be the same regardless of where the image is being used.


Based on the recent HubSpot Blog (https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-we-octupled-image-search-traffic-on-the-blog?utm_source=hs_em...) this would be a very relevant capability.  My understanding is that "Alt Tags" are set at the page level. It would be nice if we could leverage the existing File Manager Interface, and review and/or modify associated existing "Alt Tags" in a sequential manner.  Possibly have a boolean checkbox to automatically use an"Alt Tag" verses the " Image File Name" when placing an image on a webpage or landing page.