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Bulk Edit Phone Number Validation

The new auto-formatting and validation feature for phone numbers is a step in the right direction.


However, the current integration seems to be missing the mark with regard to user experience. I was unable to find any articles or posts in the Help Center announcing the new auto-formatting feature. The only Knowlege Base article that pops up when searching "phone number validation" is a detailed breakdown of editing default contact properties, and then there is only a reference to the validation and formatting being applied "automatically by Hubspot based on the country code."


This feature is certainly a step in the right direction, but several improvements are needed to improve the user experience and make the feature more functional overall (noting that recent comments on an "old" idea thread are already being discussed here; skip to page 7).


Suggested improvements include:


  1. Global Setting to Enable/Disable auto-formatting at the account level - currently, the feature is enabled by default with no disable setting available
  2. Global Setting to assign a default Country Code - currently, the Country Code must be selected manually for every new contact (see screenshot below)
  3. Bulk edit phone numbers to apply Country Code format & validation -- currently, only able to apply formatting & validation when editing one individual contact at a time OR when adding to new contacts manually added (not via web forms -- this is needed, too)
  4. Retain "number only" format for export and/or sync to other apps or integrations to remove non-number characters (parentheses, plus sign, spaces)

Default behavior of phone number formatting & validation when creating a new contact:




There are likely other enhancements that other users, especially those not based in the US, would appreciate.

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I agree this is a monster issue as we just imported 850 names from another system and we are now struggling to update all the **bleep** phone numbers. HUBSPOT Please fix this.


You gotta be kidding me with this much traction and this simple of a thing is not at least on the roadmap. We have a mess of contacts to clean up - about 9000, and something that could easily help speed the process up is a quick fix to formatting. 100% of our clients are U.S. Come on guys - give this the attention it deserves.

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+1 to being able to remove phone number formatting in bulk, or having it be a setting you can choose to toggle on or off.

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Posting on behalf of a customer - The workaround to re-import the numbers if the country-code is not listed specifically in the drop-down section is not very user-friendly.


This is important to us as a business.


We have found that by not having the correct data format that calls made from selecting numbers through Hubspot and made via zoom do not log into the system on a regular basis.


Being able to set this and backdate the change would be very helpful as all calls would be logged without having to validate each number before each call!