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If the length of this looks painful to read.. imagine what it's like to experience it every day. My hope is to persuade the HubSpot Genius Squad or whoever you are to implement this feature.


Domain names and URLs are not relevant or available as a differentiator for contacts I communicate with. However, there are a lot of companies and contacts involved.


I schedule training workshops for a national instructor who trains Keller Williams Real Estate Agents all over the country. So everyone who works for Keller Williams has an @kw.com email address.


There are 32 Regions in US/Canada. Each Region has 3 people that could potentially be my point of contact. As you can imagine it requires diligent follow up to get one of those 96 contacts attention. It is a blessing/miracle to get a live one on the phone.


It doesn't stop there!


There are 804 Market Centers in these 32 Regions. Each Market Center has 5 people that could potentially be my point of contact coming to a grand total of 4,020 contacts.


In the past year, I have manually entered and contacted 3,099 contacts. This past fall, I thought I really need to get these contacts huddled together and start using the companies tab. So far this has been a mistake; there are days that I just have to close the browsers on both monitors and start again due to the number of tabs I have open trying manually match contacts with companies and companies with regions. 


Please, help! My well-intentioned attempt to have an organized CRM has become a 5-year plan.


When my boss is booked on the East Coast in a specific region training for one Market Center he says "Hey, call all the other Market Centers in the Region to schedule one of the surrounding dates. Let them know it will split the cost of travel" 


In an effort to get this database in the order it needs to be in to function efficiently in 5 years (hopefully) -  I begin to manually add every Market Center to that Region even though every Market Center was imported with a property stating the Region it's under. 


The process starts by creating a list of Market Centers on one screen and the Region open on the other. I type in the name of each Market Center and check the box so they are all listed as a child company. Then I realize not all of the Market Centers in that Region have contacts associated with them yet -  even though they have a property which states the Market Center they are with.


So I do a sort of the Market Centers in that Region by a field called "Associated Contacts". I open the first 0 Associated Contacts Market Center on one screen and on the second screen I create a list of contacts who are associated with that market center. I go back to the first screen and type each contacts name in and check the box. This continues until every Market Center in that Region has contacts associated.


Once all of that is done, I start creating scripts, templates & sequences.


As you can imagine, when my boss is scheduled in a new Region it may take me up to a week to get a call list together. By the time the scripts, templates & sequences are made I cringe at the thought of logging back into HubSpot to make the calls. 


As a side note, this is all for my part-time job in which I handle sales, marketing, and coordinating sponsors for a man that operates at around 100 miles per minute. My full-time job, I work for a marketing company and am responsible for transitioning up to 30 new clients and their team members each week into the CRM they use called Follow Up Boss. I manually clean up every spreadsheet from their previous CRMs. I then log into each of their lead sources to set up the lead routing to their new Follow Up Boss account. I do 2 live hour-long webinars each week and answer support tickets as they are assigned to me.


Once I get to a stopping point around 5p with my part time and full time job, I take my dog out to potty and then I go get my almost 2-year-old daughter from my neighbors who I love and adore. I make her dinner, we read and play, she takes a bath and goes to bed, I clean the kitchen, do a load of laundry, pick up her toys, take the trash & the dog out for another potty. I sit back down to answer missed emails from the 3 hours I've been offline and even though I'd love to go take a shower, do some yoga, sleep - anything, anything at all really - I open up Hubspot back up and pray that I can push through and have a list ready to call the next day 


I'm putting my personal business out here to let you know I really do have better things to do with my time than sit with HubSpot for hours manually making matches.


So I am begging anyone who has the skills - this is coming from a place of exhaustion from months of late night mind-numbing tediousness and a sincere hope for how much easier my life will be if someone will please add a bulk edit option to add Contacts to Companies and Child Companies to Parent Companies with a property field of my choice. 



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Are you still working on this?