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Bulk Edit Associated Company

As a user, I want the option to bulk-edit the associated company property for contacts.


Use case: Parent Child relationship accounts that share an overall email domain. When adding contacts for the child account, the current workflow is either that they all get associated with the parent account, or we can opt out the email domain from the automatic association, in which case the contacts are left with no associated company. 

The current solution seems to be to go into each contact record invidually and manually associate the correct company.

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This is badly needed. Good examples include:

- when multiple Contacts have an email domain that doesn't match a company domain

- when multiple Contacts are with a company that is managed by another company

- when multiple Contacts are with a Company that is aquired or has a name change

- any combination of above!


A workaround is to go to the Company record and add existing contacts, which can go quickly if a common domain structure is used but a nightmare if domains vary.


If unable to bulk edit associated properties, at the very least, an export/import operation, matching to Contact ID and allows an associated property updated would work.


Hey @mmlukens and @joshm,


Sorry for the late reply. But I just came across this thread and thought I might be able to help.


This is a common issue. Paticularly with the addition of multiple associations, parent/child hierarchies, and association labels, it can become pretty difficult to manage that spiderweb! But it's critical, especially for ABM. 


Full disclosure, I work for Insycle, but I think we might be an ideal fit to help with some of the issues that you guys mentioned. 


  • Identify free-floating, unassociated contacts in your HubSpot database
  • Match contacts to companies using any HubSpot data field
  • Associate child companies to parent companies in bulk, using any field to make matches
  • Make associations with labels in bulk
  • Automatically associate records during import into HubSpot
  • Automate associations to happen on a set schedule, or integrate with HubSpot Workflows

Hope that helps! Ryan