Bulk Edit Associated Company Property


It should be possible to bulk edit the associated company property for multiple contacts. At the moment, you need to change this one-by-one, which is unnecessarily tedious.

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Il faudrait automatiser l'association d'un contact avec une entreprise avec la propriété nom de l'entreprise dans la fiche contact. Enorme perte de temps d'associer un à un un contact à une entreprise

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Agreed - hope this is noticed and the feature is made available soon. Thank you

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I agree with my friends above and this bulk edit feature should be made available. 

I found a different way to do it through (don't know if others are already using this approach):

  1. Navigate to the Company Record you want contacts to be associated to :
  2. In the right hand pane, click on the add Contacts button
  3. In the “Add Existing Contact” search by <domain name of the company> or any other string search you want to use
  4. This will bring up the contacts matching the search
  5. Check the boxes on contacts which you want assigned to Companies
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Ideally this should be for all areas of HubSpot that have associations. Edited in the same way as bulk property edits.


I just cannot get the bulk association to work with the import feature for tickets. This means that I have to manually associate each ticket every time!


Very tedious, if this not a resolved it is a blocker to us porting over all of our support activities and upgrading to service hub.

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This feature would be really useful for all object associations. 


For example, a feature that allows bulk editing of associations directly in HubSpot natively without having to use the import tool (similar to how bulk editing of Record properties works).


It would be so much easier if users could select all Records in a view, such as Tickets, and say "Edit > Company Associations".

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YES, please add this feature for ALL Record associations and not jsut Contacts/Companies (e.g. Ticket/Company associations). 

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I agree this is a fundamental issue which causes a lot of additional admin time. Please can this feature be developed.



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The majority of our customers do not use an email domain that matches their company even though our work is almost entirely B2B. It would be amazing if we could bulk associate people to companies or even better, be able to change company association based on an automation. 

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I fully agree, what is really baffling is that using the export function you can export the associated company ID and name, but you cannot important the associated company ID or name.   Hard to belive you simply can't import the company association.  This is such basic functionality...