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Bulk Deleting Photos That Aren’t Used

1. This is for anyone using the CMS platform. 

2. Our goal is to bulk delete all images in HubSpot that are not being used on CMS pages. 

3. The value of this is time-saving. My client is a custom home builder. They have hundreds of images and multiple copies of the same image living in HubSpot. They want to clean up their portal by deleting unused images but there is no easy or convenient way to do this now. 

4. Not to my knowledge. 

5. I imagine when in Files, once you select images, there is the "Active files" or "Archived files" dropdown. Perhaps in Active files, there is the checkbox that says "Show all unused images." Something to that effect. 

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I'd like a feature to sort, to filter files and folder by usage, select the files and folders you are not using at this moment to take the measures you think are the best, such as deleting them.


This will help us declutter our files.


This is an excellent suggestion and a long overdue feature to the Files tool. HubSpot routinely has workshops at their Inbound conference related to file efficiency and cleanup, so it's clearly an ongoing issue for many users.


I would love to see this feature too.


I'm new to my company, and one of my first orders of business is to revamp the website. We have thousands of pictures that have been uploaded but are not in use. I wish I could easily remove them to bring some order to the chaos.


HubSpot knows which files are not in use, because you can see where it is in use when you click the file details. HubSpot should be able to allow the users to filter out those files for quick deletion or archival.

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You can see 'file usage' when you click open each file and it will show you which website page or email it is currently being used.

It would be great to be able to show that in a column. 


This makes it easier to shortlist currently active used files and sort/archive unused files. 




This would be an outstanding feature! We are in the middle of web redesign and need a quick easy way to clean up unused files. There are a slew!!


There's currently no way to sort files and folders by usage. You have to look at the details of each file in order to see if it's being used anywhere. If you ever want to clean up your files, this means a long and tedious audit. There should be a way to sort by use at the very least.

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Usage rates is a great idea for clean up and also general insights!


I think this is a great idea and upvoted it, but as a warning this doesn't always seem to be an accurate statistic unfortunately. 

If a PDF is used on a page or in a CTA is does not always display that it is in use. 
HubSpot Community - "File usage" should work with PDFs - HubSpot Community

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Anyone find any good solution for this yet? HubSpot is slow to roll out useful features like this. 😉


+1! I'm running into the same! 


+1 one, yes please HubSpot. 




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Going to unsubscsribe from reply notifications. I don't like being reminded useful features like this are not already implemented. This idea was created Oct 2021 😐


We want to tidy up our file manager especially when it comes to pictures. Unfortunately it's not possible to see right away which pics are currently used on our website and which aren't without clicking on them. It would be great if we could seperate between used and not used files, so we don't have to go through each and every single one.






This would be great.  I just asked the same question to Customer Support but I think found my answer here.  I guess this isn't possible still as of May 2023?
Seems it wouldn't be too much of a leap for HubSpot to make it possible to filter by and then bulk delete unused files, given it's tracking that anyway.


Hi there,


Currently in the File manager we can see per image which assets use this item.



For documents this is not the case at the moment.


It would be usefull to

1) apply the File usage option for all type of files in the file manager

2) create an overview of unused items in the file manager

3) Optionally export to csv


This way we can clean up the files in the file manager and make don't delete files which are in use.


+5 (our marketing team!)


Presently, one has to click the details of each file to see if it is being used anywhere. When looking to optimize our files and folders, it is very time-consuming to do that. It would be great if one could concentrate on the files that are being used or quickly remove ones that aren't.