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Bulk Deleting Photos That Aren’t Used

1. This is for anyone using the CMS platform. 

2. Our goal is to bulk delete all images in HubSpot that are not being used on CMS pages. 

3. The value of this is time-saving. My client is a custom home builder. They have hundreds of images and multiple copies of the same image living in HubSpot. They want to clean up their portal by deleting unused images but there is no easy or convenient way to do this now. 

4. Not to my knowledge. 

5. I imagine when in Files, once you select images, there is the "Active files" or "Archived files" dropdown. Perhaps in Active files, there is the checkbox that says "Show all unused images." Something to that effect. 

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This is an excellent suggestion and a long overdue feature to the Files tool. HubSpot routinely has workshops at their Inbound conference related to file efficiency and cleanup, so it's clearly an ongoing issue for many users.


I would love to see this feature too.


I'm new to my company, and one of my first orders of business is to revamp the website. We have thousands of pictures that have been uploaded but are not in use. I wish I could easily remove them to bring some order to the chaos.


HubSpot knows which files are not in use, because you can see where it is in use when you click the file details. HubSpot should be able to allow the users to filter out those files for quick deletion or archival.


This would be an outstanding feature! We are in the middle of web redesign and need a quick easy way to clean up unused files. There are a slew!!

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Anyone find any good solution for this yet? HubSpot is slow to roll out useful features like this. 😉