Bulk Delete Workflows, CTAs and Forms



If like me you've recently been hired and discovered 1700 workflows, hundreds of forms and CTAs, you probably thought: "Where my mass delete at?".


It would be nice to be able to mass delete workflows, CTAs and forms (and their associated landing pages / lists) without having to delete everything one by one (again 1700 workflows...).



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Totally agree with the BULK delete feature for workflows. It's a pain to login to EACH workflow and delete!

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Agreed, trying to clean up old CTA's and it's not efficient deleting them one-by-one!

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

You can now bulk delete workflows leveraging our new Workflow Folders feature. Once you create a folder, you can bulk select workflows and move them into the folder. The folder can then be deleted, and all of the workflows inside of it will also be deleted, as indicated by a prompt.



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Great to be able to bulk delete but it would be nice to create the folder on the fly. Instead of having to create the folder, then select, then delete.