Bulk Delete Products

It is not possible to bulk delete products. I imported about 4,000 products, but it registered the dollar sign in front of the prices within the product price column as invalid and set them all as zero. I decided to add the same 4,000 products again without the dollar sign knowing that contacts just replace the information within the contact information if you put the name/email as the same. Instead, when I readded the products without dollar signs, the system just duplicated the amount of products. So now, I have about 8,000 products within HubSpot, and the only way to delete them is 20 at a time. Even when I delete 20 products at a time, it shows that there are no products at all which might get my hopes up, but after I have to refresh the page 2-4 times, all of the products come back except for those 20 that I had originally deleted. 


If you know of any way to bulk delete products, please let me know; otherwise, HubSpot will have to come up with a solution to bulk delete the products and I will have take a couple of hours to delete these 8,000 products 20 at a time.