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Bulk Delete Emails logged

You should have the ability to bulk delete emails logged to the CRM. 


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Being Reviewed
February 26, 2024 03:36 PM

Hi everyone! I am updating this idea to Being Reviewed as we consider if we'll be able to deliver it this year.

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Yes, I agree with this! It would be helpful to delete emails, tasks, meetings in bulk if necessary. We are moving over from a different CRM so there are some things I've come across that I need to delete in Hubspot but I have to do it one at a time. 


Great idea!


Yes please!

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Hey team! As a HubSpot support specialist, this would be a very beneficial feature for our customers to have. I get asked about this every month or so, and agree with the previous comments that this would be a highly useful tool to have. Thank you! 🙂


Hola, Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con esta idea. Para nosotros es muy importante poder eliminar de forma massiva emails registrados. Ahora se gusrdan emails que no tienen que ver con la gestión comercial del cliente y es vital poder eliminarlos si queremos que la ficha del cliente sea útil. Ahora solo se pueden eliminar de uno en uno y confirmando la eliminación y eso es una tarea muy costosa en tiempo.


Totally agree. If I have sensitive emails which were not deleted previously this informaiton now is shared with other users who should not have this information. In fact a good way to achive this is to have the ability to BLOCK/FILTER out logged emails between users. So one user cann't see emails from the other. We share contacts for various contracts and it is useful to have this information partitioned and keeps mmy office compliant.


Yes! Bulk deleting would be very helpful. 

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It would be really helpful to delete email engagements in bulk.

A use case would for example be: if a user accidentally makes a mistake in logging emails which causes multiple contacts to receive the same email in their feed 150 times, the only option currently is to either delete all the emails one by one, or alternatively HS can delete all emails from a certain user.

However that means that ALL emails he ever logged will be deleted which is way less than ideal.


This is an highly needed feature.  Especially since every user can view these activity feeds and email logs, there needs to be a method for bulk administration.


I think this is a MUST and if asked, one of the weaknesses of this system.

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Just wanted to say that this would be super beneficial! Just had a customer who removed their old email as a connected email account and wants to delete sales activity that was associated with that email so that it's not on record anymore. At the time of writing this, they would need to go through each contact and manually delete each activity that is associated with the old email address.


Being able to bulk delete emails is a capability we need.  Confidential inforamtion has been recorded in our system that we want to delete from over a year.  There isa lot of it.  It should be possible to delete all of the email that are logged in one contact.

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Nothing like the fire drill that happens when the new GM realizes HubSpot is logging their internal emails. Please make this easy to manage. The GM already dislikes HubSpot. This is making it worse. It's our fault, but help us fix our mess or help us from hurting ourselves. 


We need this functionality in order to comply with our SOC 2 Audits and email retention policy in our SOPs. Please help!  Nothing like a firedrill when managemnt notices we are loggin all emails on the platform. HELP!


Yes please - so often a staff member accidentally logs personal emails and it is a chore to go through and manually delete each message.  We have many clients in this business that are contacts/friends of staff members.


This would be an awsome addition to Hubspot! I'm currently deleting spam emails in my inbox, in which I have 7,000+ of. Through the inbox view I am only able to delete 100 at a time, meaning I now have to go through this process 70 times rather than deleting all 7,000 emails, once. 


I second that!

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I agree with this idea, there are times when sensitive information exists in several emails across multiple records and having the option to bulk delete emails/attachments would help greatly


Yes agreed, plus one


Agreed -- +1 on need to bulk delete emails (and also meetings!)