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It would be excellent if we could bulk merge companies based on their domain instead of individually merging companies.

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yes !!! I would need that too...

If someone know how to do it :-)

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I very much agree with the need to bulk merge company, and even contact, records.  However,  I would not want to just limit that to using the domain or emial fields. Unfortunately, we have quite a few company records that do not have domain details, and contact records that do not have email addresses.  

Rather,  I would like to use either the company/contact list screens or the merge feature on the company/contact detail screens to accomplish this.

From the list screen, a user should be able to click on the records they want to merge, and have the same capability to merge as they do to delete, assign, etc..

.Company Merge from List Screen-20181025-mini.JPGList Screen

From the Detail screen, it would be neat to have pick list boxes next to the potential matching companies.Company Merge from Detail Screen-20181025-mini.JPGDetail Screen

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Would be good to export to a spreadsheet, match them up and import back in as merged companies. We don't use domians as we have multiple separate companies that use the same domain name

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Agreed with Naomi! 

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Agree. Needed this 3 years ago

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Agreed - if anything it can be simple, like when import company domain


Have the CSV row contain multiple domains separated by ;


apple.com;apple1.com;apple2.com etc.


Having this ability for contacts with multiple email addresses would be great too



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agreed. this is needed. 

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100% agree!!