Bulk Assign contacts to a company

It would be helpful if you could bulk assign contacts to a company record rather than manually assigning each one.  i.e. if you have 1000 contacts with @hotmail these wont be assigned to the correct company. We currently havee to manually go through each one and manually reassign to a company record we have created. 


Very inefficient and surely cant be hard to add a feature where you can filter on contacts and bulk associate them to a company record like you can with contact owners? 

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Yes agreed. a nice feature

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We have the same issue. It would be great to have an "Assign to company" action in workflows.

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Darren, did you find a sollution to the bulk company assingment question you pose?  I have tried a few work arrounds and only hit walls.  


anything you might have learned would be useful.


Thank you

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Darren,  I figured a work arround using the multople object multpiple import sheet function.  below a link to the huspot documentation on the functionality. 




 The process is not intuative.  I can send you some specific documentation on  what I figured to do, if you like.