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Bulk Assign contacts to a company

It would be helpful if you could bulk assign contacts to a company record rather than manually assigning each one.  i.e. if you have 1000 contacts with @hotmail these wont be assigned to the correct company. We currently havee to manually go through each one and manually reassign to a company record we have created. 


Very inefficient and surely cant be hard to add a feature where you can filter on contacts and bulk associate them to a company record like you can with contact owners? 

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Yes agreed. a nice feature


We have the same issue. It would be great to have an "Assign to company" action in workflows.


Darren, did you find a sollution to the bulk company assingment question you pose?  I have tried a few work arrounds and only hit walls.  


anything you might have learned would be useful.


Thank you


Darren,  I figured a work arround using the multople object multpiple import sheet function.  below a link to the huspot documentation on the functionality.


 The process is not intuative.  I can send you some specific documentation on  what I figured to do, if you like.  


I have been striggling with the same for a while until I found a quick and easy workaround:

  1. Open Contacts page
  2. Select required contacts
  3. Click "Edit" -> pick "Company Name" -> type company name
  4. Open the copany record you would like to add contacts to
  5. Click "Add" contacts at the top right corner
  6. Click "Add existing contacts" and type company name from (3)
  7. The dropdown menu will list all contacts with the provided company name
  8. You can add all that contacts in bulk

Hope this helps!


I am needing to do this too. 


Workaround is appreicated and may work in limited instances, but not adequate as an enterprise solution



Definitely want this functionality. The workaround listed above isn't really efficient. 


Totally agree. The current process is a total fail. There needs to be a way to conveniently bulk change associations both manually and using workflows. We are litterally spending tens of hours to move contacts to their current companies. Totally unacceptable. The automatic association is a total joke without any additional qualifiers like country or BU or some other tag. Again, we're spending hours to move contacts to their correct locations. Not happy!


We have oved 3,000 unassigned contacts that this function could help us effectively handle the assignments!


Please do this!


This took me several frustrating hours to figure out... tried workflow couldn't get it to work... here is what I figured out. 


There are THREE Company Properties that can used as Unique Identifies 

  1. Email (often not accurate i.e. hotmail)
  2. Company domain name (not unique enough for us) 
  3. Record ID (bingo)

Steps To Import Contacts AND Associate Them with Companies

  1. When creating CSV add a column called "Record ID". Copy the company record ID and copy and paste it for each contact. I'd recommend ordering the excel by company so you can paste the record ID for multiple contacts at the same time. 
  2. In Hubspot Import select "contacts & objects" 
  3. Map Record ID with Company Record ID

let me know if this helps!


It would indeed be great to be able to build a workflow that automatically matches current contacts with @domainname to the company named domainname or domain name. 


I spoke with HubSport support on this issue today and was told the only way to efficiently perform this is via export, associate the records in Excel, and then re-import. Not a great solution. Our desired functionality would be to check records in a view that we want to associcate with a company, and then have some mechanism to do so either through the view's Edit menu, or More menu. Or, worst case, because it would involve a lot more work, enabling a company assignment workflow action.


An easy and usebal way to bulk assign contacts to companies would really be helpful!


Agree with this post. Due to how our companies are structured (multiple entities within one company) auto association using email domain isn't an option for us. We know that you can associate multiple contacts via the company record, but that would require people to "remember". So would be great if we can use the "contact" view, tick the contacts we want to associate, and associate it to a company or even deal - similar to how you can do this to assign contact owners in bulk.


It would be great to have this functionality especially when HubSpot is integrated with Salesforce. 


I have previously spent hours manually associating contacts to companies. Recently I am creating a new database and found thousands of unassociated contacts<-> companies. Even though a contact is sitting right there under the company in Hubspot, the "Primary" label isn't set. I tried a few different ways to import contacts with companies, and finally found a way that works! This is what I did:


Create an Excel or CSV file with 3 cols:

Col A=Company ID

Col B=Contact ID
Col C="Primary Company" <--actually spelling this out

Import this file using 1 file = multiple association, and then choose Companies and Contacts.

When importing, choose "Update Existing Company Only" and "Update Existing Contacts Only".


Then in the selection, choose "Company ID" for the first col.

"Contact ID" for the 2nd col

"Association Label" for the 3rd col.


Here are the instructions.

Steps 1-3Steps 1-3

Step 4Step 4

Step 5Step 5


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