Build workflows around deal attributes

I'd like to be able to create workflows around deals, independent of contacts. For instance, if a deal is nearing the close date which is projected as part of the deal attributes, I'd like to trigger a workflow to notify the rep that the planned close date is nearing.


currently it appears that it's possible to hack this as long as a contact is associated with a deal, HOWEVER, the deal close date which one can access through workflows turns out to be a field which is only available once a deal has been marked closed.


bottom line, there are a number of functions for account, territory and deal management which are independent of contacts and the workflow restrictions substantially limit the utility of the tool

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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It is now possible to create deal-based workflows with a Sales Hub Professional or Sales Hub Enterprise subscription! Please see this article from our Knowledge Base for further information about building deal-based workflows.

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thanks @aseeler! have a good weekend

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HubSpot Product Team

You're very welcome, @EdBMarsh! Hope you have a great weekend as well Smiley Happy