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Build audiences based on which A/B variant they have seen

i am not sure if that is the best headline but its kind of hard to phrase it. 

What i want to do: 

if i create an A/B test for mails, i would like to be able to see on contact level which test variant the contact saw. 



Our tests are designed to find out more about how to approach our audience. While having a reporting on the performance of the mail, i would like to use the information to build audiences e.g. based on  variant they have seen. 

i tested two CTA buttons with different approaches based on our buyer persona. If i could see which variant was working well with a contact, i could use that info to shape my communication. 

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I would love this for any A/B test - especially website pages! It's hard to test when we can't learn more about the audience involved! A/B test is more than just an asset.