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I would love to be able to create a static or smart list of companies. Right now, you can create a list based on company fields, but it generates contact names, not companies.

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If you want to create a email marketing list, HubS. force you to add a (even fake) contact to a company, to insert the email address into it.

But small or very big companies just don't have always a single contact who manage the emails.. they just have the address, and then it could be John or Janet to manage it.


Furthermore, as John leave the company, you keep sending your emails to a address that even doesn't exist anymore so your info just never arrive!



Internal organization of the companies is very variable and we must have a flexible, not rogid system to deal with it. It should be up to us to decide to send our mails to the company or to a contacs

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I totally agree. Problem is that HS does it in different ways on different screens so you have to learn multiple ways. I.E. Lists have more functionality but can not change column width and you can not run it on Company data. Normal Filtering undr Companies options does not let you select multiple selections from the same properties. Very frustrating. 

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+1 to this idea.


We noticed that you can add semicolon separated values into the List tool but can't do this in the Filter view tool for contacts/companies/deals.


Having either the ability to create lists for Companies and/or Deals or the ability to add semicolon separated values into the normal filter view tool would solve this problem (somehow I suspect the latter is easier but I could be wrong).

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This would be super useful especially for ABM purposes

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When will you implement company lists?

I am trying to make a custom report featuring our own sales stages.

The list was supposed to cover these stages in the funnel view. Since there can be multiple contacts per company, I can't achieve this. 

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yes please! It would solve so many issues!

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Yes, That would be a great new feature!


Hi, this still hasn't been made yet right? With the new view-options you can create a list based on filters/company properties but not statically by simply 'checking a box'. 

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Company Lists, are now in Beta. Please reach out to your HubSpot CSM if you wish to be opted in to the Beta.

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@bkeller  is this the same feature available with the ABM functionality?

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I guess you can make these lists now, but you still can't export them! ould love to see this enabled.



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Company lists are reality now, oh happy day!

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Yes! Although a bunch of updating is still needed (ie. you can't individually remove companies from a static list like you can with contacts)

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True, I haven't checked it out in detail yet. It's a start, we use a lot of spreadsheets for listing companies, and this is a great step towards solving that pain.

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