Build a list of companies

I would love to be able to create a static or smart list of companies. Right now, you can create a list based on company fields, but it generates contact names, not companies.

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Agreed with this, It's absolutely necessary to be able to create a list based on companies.

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Couldn't agree more, it's essential.  Hubspot, please fix this!!

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This would be an essential feature if HubSpot wants to keep customers utilizing account-based strategies.

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We need this as well to incorporate a more account-based strategy! 

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Hi HubSpot!
Also needed for ABM

Thank you!

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Bump for company lists!


Our ABS&M dreams are being crushed at the moment!

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Totally agree with everyone the need to make list by Companies!

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Another one for me ! I'd like to automatically tag all contacts in a company, simply by tagging the company. Through workflows, this would be a way to do it. Currently I'm stuck and can have mistakes anywhere if I someone in my team forget to tag manually all contacts

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Shouldnt this be an easy feature to add? +1 for the immediate need here. 


Looking for a list of accounts I want my SDR's an AE's to focus on is a nightmare in hubspot right now.