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Build a Customer Forum

Since Hubspot has this Community Forum, wouldn't it be cool if we could offer this same functionality to our clients? We want to be able to allow our customers to provide ideas and feedback and vote on these and receive comms from us about them - just like this very forum!


C'mon Hubspot, add this to your Customer Service tools please.

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I actually keep thinking I see the funcionality, but instead it is support form..not forum!  We want a forum that is inside Hubspot as well!


This would be a fantastic add-on for our company and especially looking to expand further with our tech across AP / Global without adding more software subscriptions for franchisees to self-help and reduce ticket requests. 

Per this post here, HubSpot utilise an integration with Khoros for their own communities - would be great if it was built in-house rather than externally but at least there's a solution over Zendesk. 


this would be very useful to have a community forum/ discussion tool thats integrateble (for example with in the knowledge base).