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Build a Customer Forum

Since Hubspot has this Community Forum, wouldn't it be cool if we could offer this same functionality to our clients? We want to be able to allow our customers to provide ideas and feedback and vote on these and receive comms from us about them - just like this very forum!


C'mon Hubspot, add this to your Customer Service tools please.

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exactly one that we look for too!!!

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Hi all,


Thank you for your feedback around the Community, and I am glad you like the tools offered here. Currently the HubSpot Community is hosted by a third party vendor, Khoros, so the platform that we are working off of is not natively created by HubSpot. 




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It would be nice to have a forum solution, but this forum solution from Hubspot is very lacking.


Some things that need improving:


At at the moment, we want to create our forum using the forum app “discourse”. We need s better template though.


yes please we would love to implement a forum, a community for our users to interact..but we cannot find it nowadays in any hubspot brick..unless i missed it. Pls. let us know if this is in your roadmap 🙂

thnks. Ana

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SI por favor! Además de la Base de conocimiento, esto sería muy bueno implementarlo en nuestra cuenta!


We are a SAAS company and need the ability to support our customers through a support portal. This means that our users should be able to:

  1. open a portal that will allow them to navigate to ticketing, knowledgebase, announcements and community forum functionality directly from within our application.
  2. From an authentication perspective, when a user clicks on a 'Help' link in our software we should be able to SSO them into their respecitve Hubspot portal (using JWT or a similar authentication method). Note this authentication method should not interfere with the end-user. The reason the end-user should not need to take action to authenticate is because we have already authenticated them into our application and can pass that knowledge onto Hubspot.
  3. After that, they should land on a page that will allow them to navigate to their tickets, knowledgebase, announcements and community posts.

Seems cool! As I know it's enough difficult issue to create a saas application  so look forward to see your solution


This post has been up for 2 years and nothing has been done 😕 

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Yes, this feature is needed. It's a good tool for engagement


Please do it. 

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Or at a minimum, partner with a platform that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the HubSpot stack.


I agree, this would really take the headache out from integrating or buying a third party solution when the feature request and konowledge base is in Hubspot.


Yikes - It appears that I was wrong to assume that Hubspot offered a community forum feature for customers. This seems to be a key service needed by your customers, particularly in a world requiring online access.

When might this feature be made available?


Also throwing a comment in here to point out how useful this would be to organizations looking to scale. Clearly HubSpot understands the value of the feature as you offer it on your own site but not having anything even third-party that is integrated makes it really difficult to make this happen. Our company doesn't even want it for clients, it would be a useful tool to allow our dev and executive team to answer questions about future projects and items for those not in Hubspot. 


Yeah this would be an awesome feature. We would definitly use it. Having everything in one place is encredably valuable. 
I would rather not be using Zendesk for this if we didnt have too. 


Agreed, it looks like this has been requested by a lot of people for a long time. Hubspot, is this something that's likely to be pciked up?

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Just had this as a request from a client as well. Seems like a cool feature to have.


Can I plz haz Ideas forum?

Seriously though, we are looking at how we can prioritize customer enhancement requests and we can do SO MUCH with HS, would love to be able to do this, too.


Yes, this would be a feature that I would use for our own company but for a couple of clients as well. Pls HubSpot, provide us at least a native integration to a community software or create something of your own.