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Broken Links Checker: Reporting data on traffic directed to 404 pages

Hi HubSpot,


what if we are able to reporting data on traffic directed to 404 pages?

A general broken links checker can eliminate directing to missing content. And analytics which shows why visitors stranded on a 404 page would be awsome.


Thx, Chris

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April 15, 2020 06:20 AM

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I'm pretty surprised to learn that HubSopt doesn't have this functionality. It's incredibily helpful when migrating a website or when significant changes have been made to a website. I just found a couple HubSpot landing pages that were un-published months ago are still indexed by Google and are leading to 404's (the automatic redirect functionality in HS didn't work). The WordPress plugins for this were vital to these types of projects.


Yes, please implement this! 

HubSpot Product Team

First, open Google Analytics and navigate to the “Behavior” option. Once there, click on “Site Content” followed by “All Pages.” Next, you should switch the Primary Dimension to “Page Title.” Finally, type the page title of your broken backlink checker 404 pages into the search box and click on the result.


Would be great, just posted this related idea on the topic: Possibility to see or export list of kb articles with broken links/images


I totally agree that would make a huge impact in helping us keep ouer manual alive fore ouer customers.