Bring entity data-input automation up to the industry standard


HubSpot is excellent. I love it. However, there's no question that its manual data input is behind the times by a couple of decades. 


No automatic formatting of single line fields (e.g. phone numbers)?

No address suggestions and auto-complete from Google Maps?

No inherited information (e.g. assume contact address is the same as company address  by default)?

No suggested inputs?

No linkable relationships between contacts? 



Remedy those deficiencies. 


What role is the feature for?

Everyone who touches the program


What is their goal?

Use the software to make their work more productive (not less).


What value will this add?

It will save a tremendous amount of time and tedium. 


Are there examples of other places or products who have this feature?

Literally every other CRM. 




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Auto cap first letter in first name and Lastname fields as well