Bring back tracking recent pages visited in the Prospects tool

In the prospects sales tool, see recent activities in the report.  This would be information like pages views at the company level. Example: An employee of a company visit your site but doesn't complete a form.


This is a tool we used that vanished post GDPR. I'm aware of the statement by Hubspot explaining their decision to discontinue this feature.  I have also found this community forum of others who want the feature back.  Low usage of the feature by their current customer base was a major factor in HubSpot’s decision to remove.  This is my attempt to show them that there is more demand than previously estimated.  Please upvote!

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I believe other tools like Lead Forensics offer this functionality where you can see which pages have been viewed by a Customer/Account. If GDPR was really a concern regarding this functionality, they would have stopped doing it as well.


This is Very unfortunate that Hubspot has decided to rip out this very important functionality. If you are going to reduce functionality and benefit then consider reducing pricing as well. 

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@asifrehmani - yes we ended up having to purchase LeadForensics to do exactly this job.


Not happy with HubSpot removing the Prospect Tool functionality less than 3 months after we purchased their system - and without HubSpot informing us that the functionality we were evaluating was about to be deprecated. At the point of renewal, HubSpot insisted we had to pay full price: they refused to discount the renewal to offset the additional cost we incurred for purchasing an additional system. Had HubSpot acted responsibly and reasonably at the point of renewal, I'd have commited to stay with them for longer, but now I will be considering alternative options for next year.


Shame because our customer success manager is pretty good. But the way they do business is appalling. 

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Quick Update: We found an amazing program called Leadfeeder that has built their entire software offering around this functionality. It also has a native integration with HubSpot to get the website visits into HubSpot from Leadfeeder. This tool is better than Prospects ever was. Unfortunately, it's not free/cheap depending on your budget - but provides immense value. You pay for the tool, but get unlimited accounts - so everyone in your organization can have access.


Best of all, the company is Finnish - so they're fully GDPR compliant and have documentation to prove it. They use Google Analytics to track visitors by company. You can pivot around pages - even down to the utm tracking codes for the same page. I can't back it up enough how amazing it is. And the HubSpot integration is flawless. Our sales team loves the tool so much that even if HubSpot brought Prospects back, we would still pay for Leadfeeder instead of basically using Prospects for free (we're never getting rid of Sales Pro).

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Add me to the list of many that want the ability to see the actual pages viewed by a prospect when reading the Daily Prospects Digest.    

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Perhaps if the website had proper GDPR acceptance on their site this feature could be turned on?

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We are also interested in being able to filter this report by specific URL(s) viewed.   Having wildcards/regex when defining URLs would be ideal, as we have multiple pages that we would want to include/exclude on the report. As it stands, this report is not helpful to us...with this filter it would become an excellent prospecting tool!

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Hi @ccbraley, for filtering reports by URL there is no better tool than Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder does everything the Prospects tool did, and more. You can see which companies are visiting your website, how long they are on each page, filter by pages viewed, tag different companies, assign leads, and more. Best of all, it natively integrates with HubSpot. So you can get this page visit info automatically updated in HubSpot on the company level. It even differentiates users, so you can see how many people from each company are on your site. You can even assign tasks in HubSpot from Leadfeeder to help expedite outreach.


In my opinion, Leadfeeder is a great platform for pre-sales, ABM teams, BDRs, SDRs, marketing reporting, etc. Meanwhile, your Account Executives and Account Managers can get the enrichment of Leadfeeder while never having to leave HubSpot.


FYI, Leadfeeder also integrates natively with other CRMs such as Salesforce.


If you have any questions about how I use the platform and/or how I implemented it for our company, feel free to send me an email:

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As we beef up our lead generation efforts, access to this information would be great! We just built a website performance dashboard in Google Studio and my boss just asked if we can see what pages users visited now that we know the company based on IP address. I am in full support of this feature! Please include it with the Prospect reporting tool.

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updated to: Not Currently Planned

Hi folks!


I'd like to thank all of you for taking the time to leave your feedback on this thread. Although we have no plans to add these features back into the Prospect tool, we hear your feedback and greatly appreciate your enthusiasm. 


I've changed the status to better reflect what was stated in this resource when this capability was removed.



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Absolutely need this functionality and also the ability to provide a list view as a report in a dashboard.