Bring back the view in salesforce link on form submission notifications

Our Marketing Associates and BDRs use the view in salesforce link for every single new HubSpot submission. This was recently removed and clearly shows that HubSpot isn't supportive of their clients using SFDC. We now have to read the form, go into SFC and type in the name to access the SFDC record. This is really inefficient. One click used to get what we needed. Please bring it back!

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My sales team now hates me and hates Hubspot. Please restore this function.


I find it interesting that this was only removed after your internal teams moved away from SFDC.


Why would  you remove something so useful? They're the #1 CRM System! Why would you remove the Salesforce link within your notification emails? It creates a significant inefficiency in our leads management process! 


Please bring it back! 

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This change has already caused major delays and inefficiencies in our workflow. Please revert or our company will need to consider looking into other tools that will integrate with Salesforce, which seems to be the obvious standard, but obviously not to Hubspot.

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Until the Hubspot CRM is as customizable and open source friendly, people will not dump SFDC.  Bring back the button please.


Totally agree. Removing the link creates extra steps for users, which is inefficient. Please add the link back in. 

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Seems you've gone backwards on this one.  Please reinstate this feature asap into the email notfication.



HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Hi everyone-- I just made this post which walks through a workaround, where you can create your own "View Contact in Salesforce" button in custom form submission notifications:

Hopefully this will alleviate some of the pain you are experiencing after the removal of the button from the default form submission notification emails

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So rather than use the default built-in notifcation emails, you want us to create new custom notification emails that we have to build? Which also means having to turn off the reconversion notification for each form or user (I can't remember which).


This isn't a solution. This is more work that has to be done with no time to do it.


I agree!  

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Removing the SF link does NOT work for our team.  This has just doubled our workload without any warning from the Hubspot becasue now we have to manually copy and paste the name from the form into salesforce.  Please bring back the sf link as soon as possible.