Bring back the view in salesforce link on form submission notifications

Our Marketing Associates and BDRs use the view in salesforce link for every single new HubSpot submission. This was recently removed and clearly shows that HubSpot isn't supportive of their clients using SFDC. We now have to read the form, go into SFC and type in the name to access the SFDC record. This is really inefficient. One click used to get what we needed. Please bring it back!

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I agree with SusanaBranum.

Please revert back as soon as possible.

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Please bring back the link! This more than doubles the time spent on each submission, which is unfortunate when a solution already exists. I hope this can be brought back soon. I've been very happy with my past HubSpot support interactions, I hope that will be the case for this, too. Thanks!

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This is causing inefficientcies within our entire organization - this needs to be corrected ASAP. Bring back the link!

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As many others have said, removing this has caused issues for our Sales and BDR teams. As soon as this happened, I got emails from our BDR team asking what happened to the link.


Including the link in the email should at most be an option that can be turned on or off.


Please bring this back.

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Please find a way to mitigate the salesforce issue you were having without removing this link. The 'view in salesforce' link is extremely important to our triage process. 

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We used the SFDC link as part of our primary workflow, so would like to see it's return. If we don't have that link, our salespeople can't use the email notification, because they don't use HS. They use SFDC only.  Bring it back, as now our sales people will have to search SFDC manually for the new lead.

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This is my response to the Hubspot Support email back to me when I wrote in to ask about the issue:


Yeah, that's really unfortunate. My sales team has been very vocal and upset that the link is no longer there, they were used to using it constantly throughout their workday. I understand there are other ways to get the same info, but it creates a number of extra steps and extra clicks, per each time a new lead comes through, which is many many times per day. 

Furthermore, in order to comment on Hubspot causing an inefficiency and taking up more of our time, I have to follow a link, click a button, create a username and fill out a form to even be able to comment. Hubspot should also look at the number of support requests they get per item to know what is a pain point for their valued customers instead of creating more work for the customers to self-report their issues that they've already reported by writing into customer support in the first place.  
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Absolutely unbelievable. Clearly ergonomy is not a priority. Bringback the 'open in Salesfoce' direct link on the notification forms NOW !!

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Definitely need to bring this back - this was very important for us as well!!!

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We definitely need this. The continued lack of support for integration with Salesforce from HubSpot already has us looking at other automation tools.