Bring back the view in salesforce link on form submission notifications

Our Marketing Associates and BDRs use the view in salesforce link for every single new HubSpot submission. This was recently removed and clearly shows that HubSpot isn't supportive of their clients using SFDC. We now have to read the form, go into SFC and type in the name to access the SFDC record. This is really inefficient. One click used to get what we needed. Please bring it back!

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Removing the SF link is an absolute nightmare for us.


As Hubspot doesn't offer any alerts for Salesforce sync errors, we manually check all our leads are syncing properly.


1 click in the email used to do the trick. Now we need to click to view in Hubspot, then click to view contact in SF. 


This has just doubled our workload (hundreds of times per month), without warning from the Hubspot product team I might add.


Please bring the links back ASAP.

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Going through dozens of emails daily, this button was a real time saver for our marketing team. Really disappointed to see it disappear, even more without notice... Please bring it back.

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As the others who posted before me have noted this is an important part of our workflow, and you have just broken it.


This is what I was told by HubSpot support: "This decision was made in order to improve the reliability and sending of internal notification emails. Any connectivity issues with Salesforce were causing these submission notifications to not send."


In the past, when the sync did not work or there was a delay, the Salesforce link just wasn't included in the email, but this happened infrequently. No idea why this is no longer a viable way to deal with intermittant issues.


Please put it back ASAP.

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I also strongly agree with above comments, our Marketing and Sales teams rely heavily on this Salesforce link. Please bring it back.

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We need the link back. You are forcing us to waist so much time, when we know that it doesn't have to be this way. 

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This changed has caused severe disruptions to our workflow as everyone else here can attest to. 


Please revert the changes. 

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I absolutely agree with SusanaBranum!

It used to be so simple and efficient and now our workflows are seriously broken - doubling our workload.

Please revert the changes as soon as possible.

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Agree with the original poster and with Lien - this would be a HUGE time-saver.

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Totally agree! New process is incredbily inefficient.


I concur