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Bring back the right side panel in the Tasks section!

Recently HubSpot released a new tool, the Prospecting Workspace.

With that release an exiting tool was modified as well, for worse!


The Tasks section used to have a right side panel which showed at a quick glance the current activity status. Tasks, calls, emails, all in one convenient place.


Now that is replaced by an "ad" to a the new Prospecting tool, which is paywalled behind a paid Sales seat.

I do not argue that Prospecting might be a fitting paid Sales functionality, but Tasks in themselves, together with full and easy visibility, are not and should not be! We have lots of paid Service users who use tasks as well, for example.


So the fact that a new tool impacted negatively an otherwise perfectly functional tool seems like a delibrate strategy to push people into spending more, which is outrageous!

Otherwise I can't find a reason for which the old panel would had to be removed, less so repurposed as an ad.


HubSpot team, instead of taking away features please focus on fulfilling requests which sit in this community pages for years on end!


Update: in the recent weeks the hyperlink to the Prospecting tool has been removed.

So the "ad" aspect from before is gone, however I have recieved confirmation from mutiple HubSpot agents that currently there is no plan to bring back the old side panel.

The reasoning being "maintenance cost".


I assumed that meant server capacity, so I proposed that a "half-way" alternative be provided where we can embed self-made reports where the side bar used to be. No feedback on that yet either!

Paywall aside, another major fallback of the Prospecting is that it does not even provide the same level of information; calls activity is missing for example.


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I second this.


I second this. I don't understand the need to go to a completely different view just to see the amount of activity. It seems that the most intuitive way to portray activity is right next to the "tasks". 

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I agree. The feedback I'm getting from my team is that they see the value of the prospecting space but want this activity panel back. 


I agree it was really useful to have the right side panel showing the prospecting summary view within the task view.  Unfortunately, with the new Prospecting tab you only have the option to view tasks due Today, Overdue and Due Tomorrow. There isn't enough range available to the view. If we could filter this to be able to select the range of view to include upcoming tasks due for a full week ahead or even two weeks ahead that would be much better. 


Or offer the filter range on the New prospecting page and link it back to the task view as a summary panel on the right like it used to be.





I agree

As a user myself, I used the old panel a lot and it was a really good way for me to easily keep track of what I needed to see.

Having said that, the prospecting view is also a great idea, but I can't see why the old panel had to be removed

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I agree. My team was demoralized today by the missing panel. They loved seeing their efforts tallied.




Agreed, if they want to advertise a new feature (paid or otherwise), they could perhaps use the space but have the option to shut the Ad down and "never see again" or not, depending on the user's preferences


I absolutely miss this! I used to click on the connected calls made if I had forgotten who I had spoken to for example! The information is still there but you have to dig about for it. Why remove the panel? I don't get it!


agreed, our users fed this back that the summary was helpful when selecting tasks but now it means they have to make more clicks.