Bring back the option to import contacts to an existing static list

The new import change has just caused me so much more work. Previously, I could choose to import contacts to an exsting list, and I had a static lsit that was linked to a communicaitons workflow. I was able to import and automate communications in one step.


Now, I have to import a list, create a new list, then enroll that list in a workflow. A one step process just became a three step process. I thought HubSpot was supposed to make my work simplier, not add more steps?

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Thankfully customer service was able to revert my list UI back to the previous version.

We are a distribution company and our customer base AND Sales Team is split into many different groups. The only way for us to manage lists is it manually update them through the Import option.

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I built an entire process around this. 100% agree this function needs to come back.

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Yes! Bring back this functionality! Not sure why something so useful went away in the new UI in the first place...


(Says crabby person who discovered they could no longer rename folders in lists earlier this week.)

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100% agree with all of you.


We are another organization where this core functionality change is creating more work for our team, whereas before we could simply import into a static list that's in use in an active workflow...and that was it. Now, it requires additional processes and unnecessary placeholder assets, defeating the purpose of our automation for these workflows. Clearly customer use cases for importing into static lists were not considered when this change was approved and then deployed.

I also asked HubSpot support on a chat request related to this loss of functionality if they could give us back the functionality as someone above stated that HubSpot had done for them, but they said it was past the "beta" timeframe and this feature could not be reverted back.

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Being new to HubSpot, I'm not 100% sure whether this will help those on this discussion; but it does help me be able to upload to a current CSV and add names to an existing static list. Here are the steps: Step 1) So you'll want to navigate to Contacts>Import>Locate import. Step 2) Hover over the import and select "View contacts list". Step 3) From there, you can select the checkbox next to name, make sure all the contacts are selected, and then select the "More" dropdown and click "Add to static list". If you need to add the contacts from one CSV to multiple static lists repeat steps 2 and 3. At this point, you can delete the CSV import if you no longer need it. 

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This function appears to be back. It was gone for awhile.

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I still do not have this functionality. It only lets me add to a new list when I import, not an existing list. 


Another feature lost is you no longer can add contacts to a static list directly inside the static list. It is SO cumbersome to have to go to each person's contact record to add them to a static list. You should be able to add them directly when you are inside of the list. I am going to add another thread about this. 


We've been customers for over 3 years and it's getting harder and harder to do basic marketing functions inside of HubSpot.

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How has HubSpot not addressed this yet?


I can't understand why they would introduce a change that causes users to execute 3X as many steps to make something happen. 


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