Bring back the Report Showing Cumulative Number of Blog Subscribers

Who: content marketers; especially those working on the blog

Goal: be able to measure success and visualize how the number of subscribers to the blog has grown over time

Example: a previous version of HubSpot


There used to be a report that showed how the number of subscribers to the blog has grown over time as shown in a previous post to the community.


Now, it's no longer possible to view the data that way in the blog analytics, nor is it possible to create an equivalent custom graph. 


When I couldn’t find the default report referred to in the community post, I tried making my own custom report, but all the combinations of filters and properties I’ve tried don’t show exactly what I’m looking for: how the total number of subscribers has grown over time. It seems like two key properties from the old graphs are no longer available: blog subscription date and number of blog subscribers.


The closest I could get was creating a list of all contacts filtering for "blog subscription is known" and creating a report that just shows the count of contacts in that list, but that loses the context of seeing in what month/week the number went up and it seems like I can’t set the date range I want to compare without another issue coming up. There's an option to view “this year” vs “last year” but I assume that’s the calendar year and our company’s fiscal year starts on Oct 1 and ends on Sept 30.  When I set a custom date range to compare, it no longer shows the total number of subscribers, but the amount of new subscribers from within that timeframe.


Can you bring back the old subscriber count report shown in the thread linked above or at least make it possible to choose "blog subscription date" or "date of first submission" for a specific form as properties in the custom reports tool?

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Please implement