Bring back the Quote Template you just removed!

Hi guys,

Of course product updates and improvements are always welcome, but aesthetics are often opinion-based.

Today you updated the QUOTE template, but instead of Adding a new template, you Deleted and replaced the one I liked.  Some might say they "changed" it but let's be real, the old template is gone and this is a new one.

Can you please bring back the template that was changed, as a third template?

Dunno who you asked for feedback but you didn't ask me :-) I liked it.

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COULDNT AGREE MORE! Some may be able to utilize this template...but as hubspotlove stated aesthetics (though based in opinion) are important!


Please bring back the original as an option

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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This was rolled back a few days after this idea was posted! Details in