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Bring back the Count of Contacts in each step of a workflow.

Please return a useful visual within each step of a workflow:


With the new workflow UI we have lost the ability to see how many contacts are in each step.  The UI in a step is "Active contacts in this action".


Clicking on this link opens a left dialog box with each individual contact listed under the "Contacts in action" tab.  But no total count.


The HubSpot workaround is to click on the Contact check box at the top of the list to select all contacts and show a count.  However this only selects the first 50 contacts.  To get a total count you need to scroll to the bottom of the page, uncheck, then check the Contacts box again and you now see 100 Contacts..... If you have thousands of contacts in a step this of course is useless.


The count of contacts in a workflow step has been visible for years but is now gone.  Please bring this helpful info back into the workflow step box.

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Definately needed