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Bring back real-time updates in social post editing

My team noticed that starting this week, Hubspot's social scheduling no longer updates in real time.


For example, when scheduling a new post, it doesn't appear in your list of scheduled posts until you refresh the page. Similarly, if you're going through a list of scheduled posts and updating them one by one (with hashtags and images, for example), those changes don't show up when you save. You have to refresh the page, and that drops you back on page 1 of the list (even if you were editing on page 3).


As you can see in the gif below, this new functionality makes it hard to edit a list of posts since you have to remember where you've left off and if a distraction occurs, you're left refreshing the page to find your place again, only to be bumped back to the beginning of the scheduling.gif

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This should be in effect going forward! We've updated the social publishing page view so that as posts go live they appear without needing a page refresh!

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