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Bring back public preview links

Recently, email preview links were changed to only be visible with a login. I would like to request a solution that brings this back. I see now that the change was made for security purposes and I recognize that I don't fully understand the use case in which these links are problematic but maybe there is a solution that could work.


Use case:

We use preview links extensively internally to get feedback from people across our org on emails that are being sent out. The biggest benefit is that I can make changes in hubspot and they can refresh to immediately see those edits.



* make preview links temporary so they can be used for short periods of time for editing.

* make the preview link optionally public in our hubspot settings

* provide a public preview that is watermarked or otherwise notes that it is a preview


Objection 1 - sending email previews instead:

Sending email previews is not ideal as some people in the org are visual editors and prefer to see changes before making more - which ends up meaning a big back and forth for me - make changes, send preview, make changes, send preview, "can we go back to the version from email 4?", find email four and change back, etc. The process is much more streamlined and real time when I have links available.


Objection 2 - give everyone hubspot access:

While not ideal, it is possible to set everyone up in hubspot and set up permissions so they ideally can't poke anything in our hubspot instance other than viewing that link BUT this becomes problematic when we work with partners and promote shared webinars. Suddenly we need to consider giving people ourside our org access to our hubspot and this is really not a solution that makes sense for us. 


Objection 3 - Screenshots:

I can't capture a whole email in a single screenshot. 

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Please add this back!! Many people need to view/sign off on emails that do not have access to HubSpot. The preview link was essential to a seamless approval process.


The removal of this has me flabbergasted from a marketing point of view. It is very limiting and has created so many extra steps to be taken. This needs to come back ASAP.


Agreed with above responses. Preview links were essential to our approval process. Please bring back! 


This is absolutely a MUST HAVE feature for my organization and our clients.

Please bring back ASAP!! It's disrupting our edit-approval process!


Yes, same! It's been a hassle adding everyone on our team to an email forward. The preview link was such a simpler solution as I could just message it out to everyone on Teams where we process our feedback and edits. Bring back the public preview link!

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Bring this back please!


Agree, bring the preview link back. It's essential to be able to share the link to colleagues that don't have access to HubSpot vs sending them a test email that become statis.

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Really need preview link access to everyone in the org (not just those logged in). This is critical to all of our clients as well as our internal use. Thank you!

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+1 Please bring this back. I like the idea of having an option to make them public or private on a per account basis.


YES.  This was a very bad decision.


Completely agree that this needs to be reinstated - this has caused us huge issues while collaborating with other companies.


Very frustrating that this was changed to require login. Please add it back.


Agree with above - please bring this back ASAP!!!!


Yes! I have approxiamately 100+ links in a document that is regularly referenced that are completely unusable now.


Agreed! We have multiple departments that need to be able to review and proof. This is essential to our approval processes. 


Agree with all of the above. Please bring this feature back. 


Would love to have this back — or alternatively, be able to send test emails to non-hubspot users.


The ability to share public preview links is vital for many users. As many companies need to share with colleagues who do not have accounts in HubSpot, it would be ideal to have some sort of workaround as mentioned above!


Agree! We use preview links to share internally with a team of over 50 people who just don't need access to Hubspot. I understand that we can use a test email and forward but that is cloggin up our inboxes if/when there are edits and it is annoying to the team. Please bring back preview links! Time and space saver!!!!


same need