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Bring back public preview links

Recently, email preview links were changed to only be visible with a login. I would like to request a solution that brings this back. I see now that the change was made for security purposes and I recognize that I don't fully understand the use case in which these links are problematic but maybe there is a solution that could work.


Use case:

We use preview links extensively internally to get feedback from people across our org on emails that are being sent out. The biggest benefit is that I can make changes in hubspot and they can refresh to immediately see those edits.



* make preview links temporary so they can be used for short periods of time for editing.

* make the preview link optionally public in our hubspot settings

* provide a public preview that is watermarked or otherwise notes that it is a preview


Objection 1 - sending email previews instead:

Sending email previews is not ideal as some people in the org are visual editors and prefer to see changes before making more - which ends up meaning a big back and forth for me - make changes, send preview, make changes, send preview, "can we go back to the version from email 4?", find email four and change back, etc. The process is much more streamlined and real time when I have links available.


Objection 2 - give everyone hubspot access:

While not ideal, it is possible to set everyone up in hubspot and set up permissions so they ideally can't poke anything in our hubspot instance other than viewing that link BUT this becomes problematic when we work with partners and promote shared webinars. Suddenly we need to consider giving people ourside our org access to our hubspot and this is really not a solution that makes sense for us. 


Objection 3 - Screenshots:

I can't capture a whole email in a single screenshot. 

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Same need!


Yes, please make this feature avialable again. 

-  provide a public preview that is watermarked or otherwise noted that it is a preview


Yes, bring back public email previews please! This is high-priority need for us. 


Yes! megannorris articulated this perfectly. Please consider making this feature available again.


Yes to all!


Yes! Please bring back the ability for someone to view a preview link without having a Hubspot log in. For a large organization, it is not feasable to provide a log in to every employee for them to see examples of what messages are sending to customers before they send. This disrupts our internal process for how information is shared to our organization. 


I recently reached out to HubSpot support about this and they suggested that I create a web version of my emails instead and provide that. It's not ideal, as it's an extra step for our marketing team, but just thought I'd share!



Thank you for sharing 😉

It´s seems a good plan B


Not sure if this was here before and I just missed it, or if it is a recent add, but I have resolution to this issue!

When editing an email you can click on "Actions" in the top right corner, then click on "Preview" --> which takes you to the preview screen, that has a "Copy Shareable Link" button. That link worked when I just tested it in an incognito tab! 






HubSpot - Please resolve this soon. This change has severely interrupted the approval process for email communications within our organization. I'm sure you have some rationale for making this change, but it would have been wise to make this an organization setting (as the OP suggested) instead of making a system-wide change. Unfortunately, it looks as though a major overhaul to multiple aspects of our email marketing structure is in order. Maybe you will resolve this issue quickly, but I won't be holding my breath. 


Agreed. This is horrible. How and I suppose to share important emails that are sending to clients with my team. There is no reason for each team member to have a HubSpot login. They just need to know what the customer is seeing.


Commenting again to hopefully bring this to HubSpot's attention. Hopefully, it doesn't take years to fix this. 


Replying again after another frustrating morning of sending all approval previews via test emails instead of a link. HubSpot, this is nuts. If I'm missing some obvious reason for making links private, feel free to explain. But at the least, we should have either A) An account wide setting to make all links public or B) two different Copy Preview Link buttons. One for private and one for public. 


This is also a very important feature for our organization and our review/approval workflow has been significantly impacted. Sending test emails (suggested by customer support) is not a comparable alternative when so many people are involved in the review process and are reviewing at different times. Test emails come from a noreply@ email address which confuses people and is often treated as spam. 


Please bring this back! 


YES! Full heartedly agree this has to come back. Not sure why they would remove it without asking us first as I'm sure many use this feature. We rely on this preview shareable link for our workflows in the following use cases:
1) Share our marketing emails with our organization, especially Customer Service, so they are aware what emails are being sent to customers so they can be prepared to reference the email when someone calls in. Sending a final email to everyone's email is not efficient. A link serves as a permanent, simple solution for anyone to reference at any time. We create News posts within Microsoft Teams as an archival library of marketing emails so our CS Dept. can reference/access for any call.
I do not support the "short period of time" solution as you never know when a CS Rep might need to reference what was sent. 

2) We integrate with outside partners. We often create webinar emails for them. The preferred way to view the final formatted email is via the Preview/copy shareable link route. Now that no longer works. It was a great way to easily see the final formatted email w/out having to send them the "test" email.


3) Internal review process. We also have many review the email before we send it out - and the preview link option was the best.


I'd also vote that we need a way for Non-HubSpot users to view a "sent" email. Right now the URLs do not work to be viewed after an email has been sent and this presents a problem if we try to do an internal news post about what we sent out and they can't view. Sometimes we don't have time to do the news post before an email is sent, but do it afterward. 


Agree with all of the above, public preview links are needed!


This is absolutely a MUST HAVE feature for my organization. Please bring back ASAP!! It's disrupting our edit-approval process!




HubSpot - please allow this back.


Auch wir benötigen diese Funktion dringend für einen einfachen und schnellen Freigabeprozess. Daher bitte unbedingt rückgängig machen!


Same here. Please add this back