Bring back click to call and email in Task editor

Hello HubSpot development/product team,


Until end of 2019, it was possible to define a task type, e.g. call, email and todo.


For the call and email type, it was possible execute the selected function directly from the task, i.e. the call or email template opened and it was just a single click to call a contact.


This function all of a sudden has been removed now and e.g. calls from tasks are bound to queues what does make little sense.


In daily B2B sales (i.e. not just call center like calling of a campaign list/queue) most tasks are time based, e.g. today, tomorrow etc. and the tasks may be related to different subjects and are possibly in different queues, if at all in queues. 


Hard binding the execution option to a started queue does not help at all since the end user is forced to jump into different queues in order to have the 1-click experience back (which then is certainly no 1-click anylonger after having scanned the various queues for the task that is due and shall be executed). Sure, one could open the respective contact or document the task is associated with and dial from there, BUT where is the comfort gone then?


A daily task schedule should be (as it was until the recent change) executable with regards to calling or creation of emails again. It doesn´t hurt to have a great feature that is loved by users. If there aren´t tons of users that actually have used it, it is a lack of education which is easy to solve by the Academy.


Please give it back to us. Thanks in advance,

Kind regards