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Bring back ability to delete activities to new activity feed

by removing the little "x" on each activity it makes it virtually impossible to easily see the most important activities  I need tracked.    And your system tracks my internal communications to my colleagues - so once a question/issue is resolved I need to remove that from the activity feed and see other e mail responses

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April 22, 2022 06:39 AM

Hello HubSpot Community,


You can now delete engagements from the activity feed. In addition,

  • When you delete an email from the record page, we will automatically delete the corresponding email activities from the activity feed app. 
  • You will be able to delete the activity bundle but not individuals activities from within the bundle. 

Please feel free to DM if you have questions or feedback on deleting email engagements from the activity feed. 


Have a wonderful day!



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May 15, 2020 01:15 PM

Hi HubSpot Community,


We're looking to talk with a few of you about this next week. If you're interested in chatting with the product team about getting this feature added back in, we'd love to connect. Here is a link to schedule some time if you're interested. 


Thank you,


Status aktualisiert zu: Being Reviewed
April 10, 2020 12:27 PM

Hi HubSpot Community - we're reviewing what it would take to bring this feature back into the activity feed.


The activity feed is now grouped and organized by contact, rather than by email thread (like it was before we removed the ability to delete specific activity cards). In full transparency, we need to determine how to handle deleting groupings/contacts from the activity feed now that it's possible that a grouping includes more than one email thread. 




March 05, 2020 10:38 AM

Hey @matth1! No updates yet, but the team is aware of this idea and keeping an eye on this post, so upvoting and sharing your use cases in comments is still the best course of action to push them to consider this.

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Thanks Will for the feedback. Just shows how arrogant Hubspot have become!  Its a load of rubbish that they cannot reintorduce.


I have several email accounts covering companies that I work with as a consultant. I have 2 accounts linked to these email accounts and yet when I login into Hubspot it automatically dumps emails not related into the CRM I have registered in.  I normally remember to log out but there have been a couple of occasions when I have not and it is these emails that I want to remove!.


I am going to try and persuade one of the companies to move to Zoho or something as I know a coup,e of others involved have the same issue.

Thanks again for the feedback.


If any of you guys find a CRM that does email tracking like HS, but allows the deletion of completed or worthless emails.  Please let us know.  We don't use most of the lipstick on this site anymore, we did at first, but it was just extra steps that the activity feed provided on one page. We just used the activity feed for prospecting and closing.  It's now pretty useless.


I agree - as I was drafting an email in GMail due to network issues I closed my GMail several times and even rebooted.  Now I've gotten like 8 activities that the person I was drafting that email to open and read the email....?  This is totally inaccurate and makes me question the validity of whether HubSpot even is really tracking email activity...?  I sent the mail like 4 mins after the last activity that said the person opened and read it 😞


This is false.


I've got a screen capture of this activity list - this isn't really a changing a feature by not allowing users to clean up erroneous feeds this is showing us a "Bug" in the software too.  My opinion this doesn't need Community votes to get resolved - my hunch is there will be others experiencing this problem with no way to remediate and clean up a feed of bad info.  The system value is only as good as the data in it...



Hey Hubspot Guys, bring back the delete button. We are the owners of the data in the system and we must have the option to delete what we like.


I agree that removal of the deletion feature makes the tool less useful.  I have some very confidential correspondence in there and need the ability to delete.  Without it, I'll have to just avoid using Hubspot. 


This removal feature is essential to our business as well!


This is such an essential feature... I can't believe they took it down.. For me this is essential and I'm questioning if I should use another CRM...


I am totally in favour of being able to delete activity feed items.  It helps us be more focussed and also removed inadvertant post from personal communications.


I have just upgraded to a Starter Plan and to my dismay only to find this out. I was looking for ways to remove the activities as I was trying the Chrome plugin and tracked a few of my unrelated emails by mistake. I was hoping I can undo and remove the noise over at the Activity Feed but to my disappointment, I can't!
What's worst, it showed up in the Report and Dashboard.


Please allow us to remove or simply hide selected or all activities in our feed.

This is a real disappointment.


I think this is a great idea to delete fee activity and allow users to focus on what is important.

Hubspot was tracking both my company and personal emails. Even after I have disabled tracking on  my personal email, responses to the email are still appearing in my hubspot account.


Any idea how I can remove stop this?


I am new to HubSpot and CRMs in general, but I would really like the option of deleting items from the Activity Feed.


We have lots of emails we don't need activities for. But every email is tracked, and the activity list is full of unnecessary activities. We are now at the point where we want to uninstall the Outlook plugin. Could you please add the Delete-button again?


Removing the function to delete old/accidental/unnecessary/person (non-company related) notifications has made my activity feed more cluttered and doesn't allow myself or my coworkers who use HubSpot to see what really matters in our tracked emails. We are currently looking into other software because of this. 


Hi @hroberts , 

I saw your name in a previous discussion about this topic and you suggested to upvote the "Idea" related to this features.

It doesn't look like there was a response by anyone from HubSpot for a long time. Do you happen to know if this will be addressed soon?




Hey @matth1! No updates yet, but the team is aware of this idea and keeping an eye on this post, so upvoting and sharing your use cases in comments is still the best course of action to push them to consider this.


Not being able to delete the activity feed is unbearable! I have a request from a prospect to delete all data related to him as GDPR enforce, and I have no way of doing this. You are breaking our and your GDPR compliance.


Please give us back the delete function. It is not acceptable to not be in control of what is being displayed in the activity feed. UNVOTE!!!!




Unfortunately will now have to remove the HubSpot Chrome addin for my personal Gmail account--since it now tracks my personal activity in the HS activity feed. Unacceptable user experience!!!! Need to be able to delete feed items again!


Since Hubspot has removed the ability to delete information from the Activity Feed, I and my company are in trouble with the Canadian CASL, California's Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR.   When our prospective customers opt out of our emails we need to delete ALL their records and past interactions... Hubspot's refusal to reinstate the delete button makes that impossible.  We need the delete button put back NOW 



I am new to hubspot and the e-mail plug-in has tracked many of my personal emails.  These now appear on my activity feed.  I want a way to delete them and prevent this from happening again.  Thank you!