Bring back VoIP calling from mobile app

Until June 2019, users of the HubSpot mobile app had the choice between calls from their cell phone provider or VoIP.

Now this has changes unfortunately: 


Calling from the mobile app with my VPBX number has never shown any problems.

So I would appreciate getting back this possibility.


Why is this so important to us?

  1. In our market, calling leads from a mobile number looks unprofessional.
  2. This is why we work with a VPBX service that enables us to make and accept calls from and to a local enterprise number whilst using our mobile phones only.
  3. When making calls from my desk, I can use my VPBX number by making calls directly out of the desktop browser app.
  4. But, as HubSpot teaches correctly, authentic sales people stand up and move while talking, so I would prefer to make calls from my mobile app.
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Hi @AndreasTrunz,


Who are you using for your VPBX service at the moment?


Our calling solution, Cradle, can tick all those boxes off for you really well. Not only that, but we integrate with HubSpot.


We provide inbound and outbound calling to/from a local number in most countries around the world. We have desktop and mobile apps. All the while this all plugs into HubSpot giving you a bunch of power around call tracking, contact creation and automation.


Granted we won't be a button to press inside the HubSpot app, but our mobile app is pretty snazzy all the same!


Check us out!


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Support the 'Call from phone' function within the Mobile App.


i.e. the Call from phone function from the browser will call your phone and the contacts phone and will then connect them



- Uses HubSpot calling rather than mobile calling minutes

- Records phone call

- Creates transcript of the phone call


Important for remote reps

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Indeed.  Hubspot moderator or relevant team, has anyone seriously look into this?