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Bring back List descriptions

In the old List UI, each List had the option for a description to write about what the list is for or what it does or whatever you want...similar to how descriptions are used in Workflows. 


With the new List UI, descriptions for individual lists was removed. I'm assuming that was a conscious decision based on usage? It was out of the way so I can't think it cluttered the look. 


I used this description for various reasons, but most specifically it described what the List was supposed to do, what it was for, or had instructions for the user in case the list had any contacts inside it. 


Please consider re-instating, thank you.

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Colaborador destacado

Yes, please!Emoticono feliz Agree that the list description is needed to note the intent of the list and parameters used. Some lists speak for themselves using the title, but especially when you're combing lists for a special purpose, and adding additional filters this is definitely needed.

Nuevo colaborador

This list description is really important for us, with global users creating lists at any time. Naming conventions are fair enough, but when users change and new users come onboard, it is important for them to understand where lists have come from and why they are there, and can be part of their induction and learning. Please reinstate this valuable tool we use. Thanks.

Nuevo colaborador

Yes I would like to have this feature. My central team set up lists for other users and we add comments to say who requested it and whats it being user for. This helps when we are doing a review of our lists. Recently we had to remove many static lists (1000+) due to the limits now on the number you can have this description feild helped with this. 


Plus when a user leaves the company the list no longer has a author so making it even harder to see who created it



Colaborador habitual

Lists and workflows need descriptions!!!  I've got all these crazy long list names because I'm trying to include what the list is for and why . So odd that you had the field and took it away.  Fail.

Colaborador habitual

Completely agree. We have had several issues where lists have been included in workflows or email sends when they should not have.

We now have hundreds of lists with no naming convention in place because it's too hard to manage, we also can't delete certain lists because we don't know their true purpose. It gets a bit messy.

If a description box was available, it would allow the creator to state the purpose, whether it is for temporary or longer-term use and other key information.

Please add it back. Even if it comes back with an option in settings to show or not show.

Nuevo colaborador

Definitely agree with this! We could really use a description for lists, so everyone on our team is on the same page if they need to access a very specific list.

Nuevo colaborador

Yes, please! A very useful feature. Please bring back. My team has a hard time understanding all the different lists we've created.

Colaborador ocasional

Agreed.  A list description would make it much easier to document the logic of a list and view that in the list Details without opening the list and going thru the logic manually.  This would help when taking over a HubSpot instance a lot to understand what was done before you or by other users.