Bring Notifications Muting Feature to New Activity Feed

In the old activity feed for all notifications, I was able to mute specific events after one or more notification arrived. I'm not able to in the new version.


For example, after Jane opened X email and I was notified, I had the option in the dropdown menu to mute future notifications (or unmute later on). In the new activity feed, this crucial feature isn't there.


Please add this necessary feature to the new activity feed.

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May 15, 2020

Hi HubSpot Community,


We're looking to talk with a few of you about this next week. If you're interested in chatting with the product team about getting this feature added back in, we'd love to connect. Here is a link to schedule some time if you're interested. 


Thank you,


changed to: Being Reviewed
Apr 10, 2020

Hi HubSpot Community - we're reviewing what it would take to bring this feature back into the activity feed.


The activity feed is now grouped and organized by contact, rather than by email thread (like it was before we removed the ability to mute specific activity cards). In full transparency, we need to determine how to handle muting of contacts in the activity feed now that it's possible that a grouping refers to a specific contact rather than a specific email thread. 




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Please bring this feature back ASAP

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Definately need the option to turn off all notificatoins for a thread.