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Bring Notifications Muting Feature to New Activity Feed

In the old activity feed for all notifications, I was able to mute specific events after one or more notification arrived. I'm not able to in the new version.


For example, after Jane opened X email and I was notified, I had the option in the dropdown menu to mute future notifications (or unmute later on). In the new activity feed, this crucial feature isn't there.


Please add this necessary feature to the new activity feed.

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I am very annoyed that the mute the thread option has disappeared on the gmail/chrome extention. I get so many notifications that pop up if someone opens the email more than ones that I'd like to have the option back to mute that thread and not see those notifications pop up. It's also making our sales team not want to use the tracking tool anymore or turn their notifications off for when an email is read, and that's not good for anyone! PLEASE bring it back!! 


Now that I am in the same boat of no longer needing to notified about certain email activity, I upvote this request. I sent an email to my boss, which he then forwarded to the office, and now a week later, I really don't care that anyone is engaging with it, but I can't turn off the notifications for this one. I really NEED this feature back. 


I would also like the "Mute" option to return. I have an email I sent to a contact who must have copied the trigger pixel somehow into her signature or something becuase I have received over 65 notifications that the email is being looked at when this should have been a "one and done" issue. Also, Scott's assertion:

"Finally, muting has no bearing on your notification limit for the month. Even if a thread is muted, those activities count toward the monthly 200 limit. The removal of this feature does not actually change what you are eligible to receive in the free version of the tool. "

Is not accurate. Every time I get a notification from this email another one is logged in my monthly totals. I do not want to turn off my notifications as they are vital to me. I just need this one to go away. Since I started this post - I have received two notifications that this email was opened.

Please help!!


Ditto... big time... 


Another vote for bringing the mute option back!


Yes, please add this to (at least) the Chrome extension. All the competitor CRMs have this built in, and it is extremely useful when a thread goes off the rails and whenever an email in the thread is opened and all the sudden you get *dozens* of desktop notifications 😞 


I agree, removing the ability to mute notifications is a little short - sighted.  Was it killing everyone else's experience? because now it is KILLING mine!!!!


Bring it back Hubspot. It takes a real person to admit they were wrong, and you are wrong. 


For that is holy, PLEASE bring the mute feature back. I have a client who obsessively looks at emails I've sent and it's driving me mad. This was such a great feature to have and its absence has become a nuisance.


I too would like the mute feature brought back. I recently was bombarded with 115 notifications for a single email and I'd like it to stop without completely disabling notifications. This happens regularly with Hubspot and the mute feature was crucial in preventing this.


Hi there. Just received 27 notifications in the past day or so from one email I sent out to one person! I cannot believe you would disable the mute functionality.  I have not heard complaints yet about this but I am sure the next email campaign a client runs will cause much pain to them and me!


Until this is fixed, I will not recommend clients use HubSpot. Good thing to have options! I suspect the hidden pixel trick is on its last legs anyway. I haven't allowed automatic loading of images in our email for years and now smart companies are blocking them anyway. 


Thanks for the good times...



I find absurd the idea of quiting such a useful feature!


This is painful. Not understanding why this was taken away as well as WHO and WHERE when you send to multiple people.


I don't want to fill my notification feed up with alerts about an email I stopped caring about a month ago. I can't stop old contacts from accessing my past emails, so it needs to be something I can control from my end.


It's also making our sales team not want to use the tracking tool anymore or turn their notifications off for when an email is read, and that's not good for anyone! PLEASE bring it back!! 


Just received 56 notifications in the last 4 hours from one email I sent out to one person!


All the competitor CRMs have this built in, and it is extremely useful when a thread goes off the rails and whenever an email in the thread is opened and all the sudden you get *dozens* of desktop notifications.


Please bring this back.


I'm in the same situation... one email out there getting 600+ notifications and no way to mute.   Seriously considering dumping hubspot because of this.   

HubSpot Product Team

Hi HubSpot Community - we're reviewing what it would take to bring this feature back into the activity feed.


The activity feed is now grouped and organized by contact, rather than by email thread (like it was before we removed the ability to mute specific activity cards). In full transparency, we need to determine how to handle muting of contacts in the activity feed now that it's possible that a grouping refers to a specific contact rather than a specific email thread. 





Yeah this is crazy.


We have a somewhat unique situation in which we sent an email to and tracked it with HubSpot's email tracking. Completely unrelated to this,  we also receive at least one email per day from (the same company). I don't know how "Some Company" has their email routing set up but there is something funky going on, because now when we open any email from, we receive the tracked email open notification associated with the original email we sent. Absolutely maddening.


We have tried deleting the offending original tracked thread and the contact associated with it: no joy.


The only "solution" I have been able to find is to turn off email tracking altogether, which isn't a solution at all.


Email tracking was one of the main reasons we chose to use HubSpot CRM in the first place. May be time to look elsewhere...


@sjudson Seems like it's been many months since the community has been raising their hand for this to be brought back. I enjoy HubSpot, but the constant buzzing of notifications on emails I no longer care about often trigger me to go searching for a replacement to HubSpot. It's a real problem.


As a PM, I think a better approach than justifying why you removed a feature your customers are telling you we need and want, would be to ask us questions. Otherwise, it's likely that you'll spend more time & money making more changes that we don't need and didn't ask for.

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Major faux pas that this was taken away. I have an email to my company's landlord that has been opened a few times every day for the last few weeks. It was important to me that the email was opened a month ago. Now it's probably on some internal circulation list at the landlord and being opened every day - long after I have had a resolution to the problem. 


Please add its back! This email is killing me!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi HubSpot Community,


We're looking to talk with a few of you about this next week. If you're interested in chatting with the product team about getting this feature added back in, we'd love to connect. Here is a link to schedule some time if you're interested. 


Thank you,



@sjudson I went to book some time but it says you have no available time. Did you find enough people to speak with?