Bring Call Queue to the Mobile Apps


We really want to build a great mobile experience for our users who are out selling on-the-road. We're getting lots of requests to bring the Call Queue to the app. If this is something you'd like to see, let us know!

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This is something we are considering. What are the use cases around this? Let us know!


Hello Vishnu,

To start, I would say one of the biggest use case around this feature is that for a lot of salespeople, their mobile is the only phone they use, so their life revolves around mobile.


As a Sales Operations and Enablement Manager, the beauty of being able to create call queue's is being able to call wherever you are. They need to be made available on mobile as a number of my team work from home, and are often away from their desk's without ready access to the Desktop version of Hubspot. This would be a great integration to have on the App.

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With call queue on the phone, our sales assistants could setup the queue for the agent, who can call anywhere anytime from their mobile without having to dig through contacts and tasks - our top selling agent is the lowest rank on the leaderboard for calls - but I guarantee that is not the case, they just aren't captured by HubSpot because they are made on mobile.

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Has this feature been started yet?

It would be soooo helpful for our on road reps to maximise their drive time 🙂


Yes, this would be great. I would love to use queues while I'm in the car.


Having queues on mobile would be very helpful. No longer would I be limited to my lap top for making calls. The queue function allows for better organization and ultimately, more efficiency when it comes to selling. Definitely something I would appreciate! Also, if you could incorporate a task amount in each queue that would help with visibility and anticipating workload. 


For us the use case is as mentioned above by several users. It would be very useful when driving or am killing time waiting to visit a customer. At the moment I can open my mobile app and view tasks, but I have no way to easily filter out call tasks vs email tasks. I also note that we cant seem to view queues via the mobile app, which I thought would be a simple work around here...

It would save me time and allow past me to program a simple list of follow up calls for future me to complete while out and about. 



This thread is a couple of years old. Is anything being done about this? Getting Queues into tthe App?

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@telforn2 and others on the thread - good news on this front.

We are working on a project to refresh Tasks and supporting some of the functionality you know and love on desktop (queues, filters, sort, etc). This is a big project and you will start seeing the first set of changes hitting the Mobile App early next year. 

I will be keeping this thread updated as we make progress.

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With the recent changes to Tasks across iOS and Android, queues are now supported on Mobile. Once you create a Queue on desktop, you will be able to access this on Mobile. We have some exciting this planned around super-charging this further.


One question for the folks here - how do you currently use queues now on Mobile? What is missing?