Bring Back the "Create a Draft" Option on HubSpot Calendar

We use the HubSpot Calendar extensively to manage the publishing of over 60 people at our company and I noticed recently that we can no longer add a draft when creating a blog task -- It's been a huge pain point ever since!


By creating the draft at the same time as task, we could ensure that the correct campaign was attached, along with the correct author, publish time, and that the article got published on the correct blog. I can't tell you how many times we've run into the issue of people staging their articles on the wrong blog or not attaching a campaign when drafting articles on their own. 

I wish that little checkbox would come back and help streamline our processes again!

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New Contributor

Completely agree! I've been searching for it everywhere and was wondering where it went. That was so helpful for writing teams.

Occasional Contributor

Absolutely Jen! From my research, HubSpot's Calendar solves a lot of content publishing pains that other tools don't. For those of us publishing on HubSpot, it's a far cleaner and more organized alternative to the spreadsheets so many teams preach using and the draft option made it even more seamless! Hopefully, we see it make a comeback!