Bring Back the Ability to Add Global Groups

Since Hubspot moved the global content to the design manager the only way to create a global module is by create it in the template builder and using the gear icon to make the module global. This is such a pain for anyone building custom coded templates. 


Before the move you could go to global content and a button on the top right would bring up a list of the modules you can select from. Mostly I use the custom html module for headers and footers on my sites. 


In the design manger, when you click the "new" button it give you the options to create template pages, coded pages, custom modules, etc. I really think that there should be an option to add at lead a global module here, if not globabl content in general. 

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Bring Back the Ability to Add Global GroupsHubSpot Product Team
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Jun 22, 2017

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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