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When I attach a sales document link to an email, it sends the client to a Hubspot branded page (Hubspot URL, Hubspot Favicon, etc) which is extremely unprofessional.  Hubspot bills itself as a full marketing tool for my company, but I can't brand my sales documents??!! Seems like marketing 101.  This needs to be fixed asap.

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I agree. We need to be able to put our own (or our clients) own brand and logo on the document viewer, just like we can customize the Meetings link, the chat tool etc. In addition to this, the pop-up to gather consent must be easy to edit as well, as the standard one is a wall of text. 


Hi @aarbub @Thorstein 


We plan to support complete whitelabelling (URL, viewer etc...) in CloudFiles. It is a new HubSpot app that enhances documents and solves many of the associated issues.


If you like you can try out the app from HubSpot Marketplace.